Double concept time today! Tiny people edition.
First is Nau’kheol:

For size comparaison:

Naukheol’s concept revision.

The tiny prince of Kiel. The least likely description he’d ever wished to see applied to himself but years go by and the inevitable erosion by life’s ordeal finally made him break to Kiel’s advances. The small Sharen tried to overcompensate when he was young, to be as Sharen as possible, to hate his enemies as possible, force himself to try to kill when he feard to act and to be helpful to his closest siblings. That path in life wasn’t lucky to him. Having followed his sister down a path of uncomfortable truths about his clan and inevitable death. To top it off, his growth spurt stopped, making him one of the smallest of his kin, barely any taller than Chirinide, who is the smallest of the cast. Now he search for a purpose to his life, one where he doesn’t end up alliance marriage material to his mother, to trade for favor, ending up in some foreign lands surrounded by strangers and forced to produce babies. The traditional princess role, gender reversed. The alternative, albeit a familliar one, isn’t too bright either ; to stay with Kiel. Not that Kiel has a great clan anymore to make their pairing attractive to Nau’s mother.

And for Vergil.
It’s a recurring theme now to have tiny innocent looking people to be the new clans leaders.
What next, Faen as sarghress ruler? Imposible!… Clearly her destiny is to be empress of the underworld.


8 Responses to Tiny people day

  1. Pitdragon says:

    Well, at least Kiel doesn’t dwarf him. Poor guy, I was hoping he’d be tall like his Daddy too.

    What next, Faen as sarghress ruler? Imposible!… Clearly her destiny is to be empress of the underworld.

    Lies, that’s Shinae’s destiny! All that poisoning? She’s just carrying on Sharen tradition, and she learned from the best! Snadhya’rune better watch out…

  2. Navian says:

    Nau needs to get a giant dragon… or dragon turtle, anyway, to overcompensate with. That would make a great compromise. As long as it’s not so big that people don’t see him on top of it, that’d just be embarrassing. Also, I’m surprised Vala’s opinion of Kiel’s clan didn’t rise after it fell in the magma.

    Somehow I imagine Faen as a ruler would be even grouchier than Quain is. That’s a scary thought. I guess she’d need someone like Kel’noz, only with more chocolate candy to spare. If she was a Sarghress leader, she’d great when uniform inspection time came around, though.

  3. HoneyBee says:

    “You’d know how wrong you are if you studied history.”
    Sounds like me on many of my arguments versus random people on the internet. XD

  4. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Nau is pretty strong too, remember him hanging onto the lower jaw of the Infinity Turtle with his fingertips, while holding Kiel with his other arm! He’s got that part of his daddy for sure