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Concept revision for Naal.

I had to keep this one under wrap until the chapter began. The remains of what was one of the main character, consumed from within by a demon that grew to take over her body and mind. The demon died but it’s essence remain, with the preserved imprint of the person it inhabited for years. It’s a being of instinct unable to interact with matter, one that had only one goal till now : to feed. But the imprint of Naal’s strongest personality points remain to guide it’s behavior, and one of them is her friendship with Kiel. Something that was nurtured for 15 years while the demon was locked up in the basement. For the “physical” appearance of this character i went with Kiel’s pet demons to simplify the art process. Though where they need a myriad of entities to shape one being, she is more mallable in her growth, something represented in this concept art’s backdrop.

I like that one, it was different. Eldritch yet low detail with symbolism.

And the next cameo concept sketch, this time for Vergil.


10 Responses to Naal

  1. Navian says:

    Very ominous! And I mean Viri’sylvia. Almost seems like she needs a Paul Revere-type figure to announce her arrival. Not that Demon!Naal isn’t ominous, too… being hungry without having a mouth seems like an inconvenient circumstance, to say the least.

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Demon-Naal or Naal-Demon, either way it’s good to have her back ^^ The concept art is remarkable, I could make out the “old” Naal-demon readily…if she finds Kiel, and gains the ability to have a “body”, it would be cool if she can take either Naal-drow shape or Naal-demon shape (or amorphous blob like the friend demons). Viri’Sylvia looks like a lot of fun too…freakin’ Quain knee, I thought it was a tree! :D and what’s this, a “sex slave cartel”? Oh do tell us more, Viri’Sylvia! 8 )

    p.s. glad to hear you’re recovering, Kern…hang in there, and thanks for your hard work!

  3. Farex says:

    So what, you’re not satisfied with killing Naal twice, you have to bring her back again?

    I warn you, Kern. If Naal dies a third time, there’s gonna be torches and pitchforks. Except not literally, because I’m too lazy to travel to Canada. But I might write you a strongly worded email or something ;)

  4. Dakla says:

    Don’t know about you guys, but I find the demon mass-concept very unsettling . It also doesn’t help that it looks as if Naal is screaming in agony. Brrrr

  5. Tsukiko says:

    Fan theory: there is in Drowtales a correlation between glasses and height.
    In fact, Laths have a spot for growth on top of nose.
    Wearing glasses nullify or severly hinder that growth spot, making them tiny pocket drow.
    You’re welcome!