Migraine just striked and so i have difficulty to see much at the moment. This said, Kiel concept was still done earlier , the next page and feral script were all done. Just nothing on the next cameo concept and Relic hunter script because of these issues. Same for replying to comments.

Concept revision for Kiel.

Considering how quirky the character is, it’s hard to pinpoint her personality into single words traits. Just like her emotions, her life has extreme heights and lows. With at the moment her home laying in ruins at the bottom of a cliff and her people scattering away to find new lives. Seems like the end, except she finally has the prince she dreamed of. Now if only she could add a few more , a princess or two and get that giant turtle running again. Design wise, it hasn’t changed much. All her things are gone so a more simple outfits seem to be in order, plus got to show that belly to the prince. She’s also a summoner without tools, being born amidst demons and having them within her for so long. They’re childhood friends and part of her by this point, making her a natural when it’s come to otherworldly beings. Physiology wise she is small , strong, but thin, with larger hips than her torso. The later being something i’ve always struggled in portraying.

I blame Darkvolt for reminding me of the buttsteps. Got to add jiggly eyes.

older Kiel concepts





Now excuse me while i go throw out rainbows from my eyeballs. Not in the fun away.


9 Responses to Kiel

  1. junglefowl26 says:

    “My clan is destroyed, my dreams of a democratic Chel are shattered, my best friend and little sister killed each other, everything I have spent most of my life working for is gone.
    But I had sex. So overall a pretty good day.”

    Makes me wonder what personality traits would have be listed for Ariel and Faen had you be doing that back then.

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Very nice Kiel concept! Yeah, I’ve always felt she was very lean, almost without curves at all. She seems to be more athletic than the average drow, looking very much like a crossfit competitor to an extent, her waist wouldn’t be too small (see Quain), and her hips and butt not full and round, like say Snadhya or Faen. Sorta like some Survivor contestants, maybe? Kiel’s physique is similar to my drow rogue character Chawinda in my story (except she is only about five feet tall). Kiel is more of a thinker and leader though, yet considerably younger than my OC. I really like that about Kiel…even though she tends to be scatter-brained at times, she is if anything proactive, especially where her friends are involved. As she gets older, she’ll probably shift more and more of her allegiance to her princeling, away from her friends, especially after little turtle baby is born. Such is growing up, and even spunky Kiel will have to, eventually ^^

  3. Greenwood Goat says:

    Missing from her list of attributes: FOURTH WALL BREAKER. It was probably pushed out of the picture by all those turtles!


  4. GEM76 says:

    Hope you feel better Kern :)

    @Jungle so guess she had good sex then cause there is a thing as bad sex :P

  5. smokehammer says:


    also, I guess its confirmed that her eye-fangs are just war paint rather than actual Tats since they’re starting to erode off her face.

    also, also- Shooting Rainbows out of your eyes? Now that makes me think migraine sufferers are the illegitimate children of Jean & Cyclops. So, take the day off and get better, mutant (dont worry about work, Apocalypse is coming).

    • Kern says:

      Defftively mutant.
      And i thought the facial marks eroding would make her seem more worn down. probably won’t have time during thec hapter for that effect.