First is the commission for Acedraws.

Second is the sponsored concept art for the return of Laele. she’s certainly more a wreck than she used to. But for good reasons and a purpose.

Anahid reach for Kahru’s innocence, by Lunareth

Challenge set by Flag “Shinae is awesome because…” because this week i had problems thinking of a single good side to Shinae. It was an interesting challenge with many great contributions!

Giveaway for Sygdom:
Giveaway for Dalvyserran:
Giveaway for Farex:

Bonus giveaway by Lunareth for her patreon’s:
On today’s stream we have the guest artist Ellirhshaan who’ll draw the next page of Fading world. Lunareth on her side will be doing some Keykey pictures for fun , because we can’t have enough of Anahid. And i will be doing two concept art. One for Acedraws then the Laele one. With the usual mid stream 15 minutes art challenge and end of stream giveaways to 3 people in the audience. Come hang out on our multistream! There may be butts, and cats that are fat.


15 Responses to saturday stream

  1. Ree Fireparrot says:

    I missed most of it. :(

  2. Aerisa says:

    I really hope Laelle’s appearance in this chapter means we’ll get the canon explanation to her current’s state and fate.

    • Basileus_Ioannis says:

      Me too…her story is a loose end that needed tying up, especially on a Sargh-centric chapter ^^

      • KittyH says:

        Same. I want to know more about her!! We almost had a side story made eons ago about her… can’t remember what it was called.

  3. SFI/Bwoman says:

    So is that a octo-Waes?

  4. Dalvyserran says:

    Best snek

  5. Greenwood Goat says:

    So Kahru’s innocence resides in his previously unplundered butt? And does Ana count as a butt-fan since she loves every part of him? And probably hasn’t sampled the buns of anyone else?

    Shinae is awesome because: …she’d make for a clean decapitation and justifiable homicide? …if someone invented a madness-powered mana generator, they could run the entire Sharen fortress off her? …she’d serve as a madness-spiced treat for Naal’suul? …she could be gift-wrapped and sent to Vanaheimr, labelled “In return for your hospitality”? …she could be the one to put Laele’aell out of her misery …and then be split from the crown of her head to her pubic bone by Quain’tana? (That would> be seriously awesome!) It would almost be worth Kharla’ggen still being alive: Shinae would certainly make an awesome dolly!

    Nom naga is cute. Octopus girl is cute. Medikitty feral is cute. Are they going to get their own stories?


    • Navian says:

      Shinae is awesome because she’s put up with Chrys’tel for over twenty years without doing anything untoward to her, yet. That’s amazing by Sharen Protector Twin standards!

  6. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    I really like the two concepts! Ace’s Krissal looks like a lot of fun, my kinda pal! ^_^ Kern’s Laele is looking grim, but awww her going to sleep with that musician playing, so peaceful! Luna’s Ana and Kahru are so pretty, and there goes that butt-grab! :D All of the Shinaes look really cute and adorable, even though she’s totally skeery *~* EllirhShaan’s giveaway for Sygdom looks stunning, she does great work! (my apologies to Shaan, I just won a giveaway last week from DarkVolt and I wanted someone else to have it). The tiktikki-nomming naga for Dalvy looks adorable, she looks so happy! ^^ Octo-Waes for Farex looks so cute (certainly better than OctoBilly that nearly ate my Relic Hunters squad!). Finally Luna’s Miqote Nurse is so pretty (love the heterochrome eyes). Great stream, everyone!

  7. Doom Chinchilla says:

    Mmmm… I can see two possible origins for Laelle:

    1.-She was possessed, Quain had Sillice try to take the demon from her, and her whole aura was ripped out, but her body somehow survived. Quain had then focis fitted in her in order to create a fake aura of sorts, hoping she could heal that way (it failed).

    2.-The Sharen captured her at some point, turned her into a zombie golem and sent her against Quain as an insult.