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Concept revision for Shinae
Adopted twin sister of Chrys. Always the dutiful one, the loyal one, the one to tell the truth when Chrys was off on some secret digging. But also very bitter, so very bitter that it would eat her on the inside, ultimately exploding in bouts of anger that would splash on everyone. Common born without a true family, always the second choice, always the “false” daughter to the better, true born sister. When her child was born a monstrosity due to her taint, she lost it. Broke apart from her mate and took it up on herself to do some impossible tasks by herself. ultimately that led her to be “Saved” by Snadhya. To be an ascended tainted, which saved her from being eaten from within by her demon, at a great cost ; not to her but to everyone who knew her. she lost all inhibition. All those restrained feelings that she kept bottling up were set loose. In her case, this led her to then poison her mother, and leader of the alliance, then attempt to stab her at the worst possible time. Familial bonds are gone, duty is gone, the underworld now has one more crazy minion of Snadhya. Which when put into this perspective, is it truly surprising that Snadhya went on stabbing crazy on her family and began the most insane plots after she ascended herself? perhaps Snadhya would have been saner, before, just like Shinae was. A series of unfortunate events that removed all good things from this one person…

No size reference for her as she’s the same as Chrys. Though here’s some old concepts:

Basileus sponsored Laele treturn for the next chapter so here is the sketch:

Survived the first week on chapter 50. Just finished page 5 so that’s a solid 6 pages buffer at the moment. Kite finished coloring page 2.


16 Responses to Crazy Shi

  1. Razorburn645 says:

    Damn that’s a scary smile. -_- Why do I get the feeling Shi and Chrys are agoing to have a fight to the death at some point?

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Wow, a diagnosis of Shishi 2.0…sure explains a lot. She’s still her old self, but on super-vodka…so her uninhibited self is like a drunken bastich? ^_^ Staggering around, throwing up on random people, and flipping them off while saying “sit on it and rotate”…I might like her, if she wasn’t a heartless motherkilling ball of wanton destruction…oh hi Snadhya :P *ahem* Shinae’s pic looks good, that smile…brrr…you nailed it, Kern. Funny, I sometimes smile laik dat while driving…

    ooo, Laele takes shape! (emailed you, Kern) I like it, gives her characteristics more definition! What do you guys think?

    Glad to hear you’re making good progress on the new chapter, Kern! See you all and EllirhShaan in about 12 hours!

  3. Moatl says:

    Somehow Crazy-Shi reminds me of the Mad Hatter (of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland).
    She only lacks a top-hat. ;P

  4. Ash'arion says:

    Shinae’s always been (albeit understandably) kind of unhinged. I mean, this is the girl who screamed at a young soldier to fuck her in public, then screamed at the public for looking at her funny we’re talking about here.

  5. Navian says:

    Hmm, Shinae and Snadhya’rune seem mostly “sane”, if also extremely amoral, but Shinae is still unpredictable even though she looks sane, as of her return from Felde, anyway. Snadhya is more self-controlled than most of the good guys are; Shinae, not so much, even with Snadhya’s “help”. Maybe the placebo effect from the quick fix of demonic ascension is wearing off. At first, getting a new identity seemed to help her a lot, giving her a new perspective on her relationship with Chrys’tel, but that seems to be eroding quickly now that her new identity is revealing itself to still have most of the same problems she had before, and some more of its own, on top of that.

    Looks like the Fallen Legion’s fallen on hard times, recently…

  6. Sionyx says:

    So do ALL merged fae lose their inhibitions or is that more a side effect of Snadya’s merge type? We haven’t seen many, Kiel’s impulsive already and we don’t have anything to compare Sha’sanna to.

    Looking less likely Shinae’s going to get the good ending I was hoping she would. Poor girl.

  7. junglefowl26 says:

    Sad to hear she actually is working for Snad. I guess I hoped that what she had said was true: that while she wants nothing to do with the Sharen (with very good reason) that she still loved Chrys.

  8. Katrover says:

    Shi and Chrys were always going to have a fight to the death at one point, ever since the we saw the world setting page on protector twins. It’d probably end with Chrys standing over her twin’s body with a bloody blade, just like on the page.

    I don’t think Shinae’s working for Snad … not consciously, that is …

  9. Mizu says:

    If original Shishi was polite I’d hate to see what an impolite drow is like.

  10. Doom Chinchilla says:

    You have to wonder how does Snadhya intends to keep under control a world full of demon people without restraints or inhibitions… unless she has some way to remote control them? But then if she did, she wouldn’t had to kill Kalki.