No Laele’s concept sketch yet, sorry Basileus!
and with Kite’s final epilogue up, we’re now truly done with chapter 49’s content. From the reactions in the community , i think this one rank in the top 3 chapter so far. With 46 and 47 as the two other most popular chapters. Of course there’s always going to be some who disagree, but most will agree that the events are distinct and memorable. Plus we finally have 1000 followers on facebook, this chapter pushed us over the last 100 needed on which we had been stagnating for a long time.
Chapter 50 begin on monday, I’m at page 5 right now, thanks to some easy pages at the beginning.

Cute dragon time:

Concept revision for Cahal

Chrys’ dragon, one of the last from the sharen hatchery before the war’s favor turned against them. Like dogs , their selective breeding led to a variety of breeds of different shapes and form, each specialized. This one is meant to be light weight omnivore mount , a cross between a dog and a horse in likeness. Far from the more rare war breed that some of the elite sharen use and one with a birth defect: The little vestigial wings. As all underworld’s dragon have long lost their wings from the rapid evolutionary needs of their new environment. These wings could easily cause pain to the dragon but Chrys never had the heart to have them removed. Hinting at a love for the odd things, such as Cahal’s defect. Being a fae specy, those dragons are vulnerable to all the same issues their riders are vulnerable to. But also their abilities ; meaning that the dragon also have an affinity, albeit most often unknown to it’s rider. There’s as much chance for a dragon to breath fire as there is for a person to be able to do so. Which mean if there are people out there like Chiri who can self combust, there are some very rare dragons out there that could potentially do the same. They just don’t know as the dragons cannot speak and cannot thus cannot be taught through traditional means. So what Cahal could potentialy do is unknown and the few riders out there who are so close to their beast that they managed to unlock that secret would have a upper hand on the competition. This said, dragons are rare, expensive, eat a lot(relatively) and with the current war torn climate of the underworld, it’s unlikely they’ll be common again anytime soon. When you have the choice to feed 4 soldier or one dragon, the choice can sometime be tough and if things continues for the worse, it’s entirely possible that Chrys may end up having to share what little food she has with her loyal companion.

With size comparaison below:
And some older concepts:
chrys'tel dragon 1
chrys'tel dragon redish brown
Next is Shinae! Who i hesitate drawing very angry or smiling creepily.


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  1. CutieSquiggoth says:

    Creepy Smiling :) Or a Slasherrific smile?

    If that size comparison is accurate, that’s a rather titchy dragon, can I get a big one as a pet if I keep it fed? There’ll be plenty of bodies to eat soon enough :)

  2. CutieSquiggoth says:

    And someone has already taken the ValSharen family name in BDO ;( What’s next? Kyorls or the Nids?

  3. smokehammer says:


  4. junglefowl26 says:

    I want to see Cahal play with Ariel’s wolf pup. That would be adorable.

  5. Pitdragon says:

    Now now, it’s not angry face Shinae, it’s merely years of grumpiness that has lead to permanent Resting Grumpy Face.

  6. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Congrats on reaching the Facebook Mille-stone! Awww, no Laele yet…that’s okay, good things’ll come to those who wait! ^u^; and UWAAAH, it’s the adowable dwagon with widdle wiiings, CAHAAAL! \*o*/ Nice revised concept backstory, I would feel sorry for Chrys if she had to share her food with Cahal (a full meal for a drow might be a tiny morsel to that big fella). But oh man, if a dragon had fire affinity, and its rider found out and could train it, that would be awesome! That old concept art of him sleeping on that bent pipe (I bet he bent it with his weight…on purpose…it looks like a comfy hammock!) ^^

    Shishi 2.0 is up next? I still like her haircut, but that smile when she poisoned Zala’s tea, then stabbed her pillow-prosthetic during the zombie-pocalypse (and she wasn’t even under Kharla’s spell neither) ‘~’ Wonder how she’ll be biding her time until flower season…