Finished page 2 of chapter 50, beginning page 3. Dual concept arts too! Whew…

Chrys’tel concept update.
The youngest overseer, trying to keep ties with her family that was exiled while staying loyal to her clan. She was originally designed to be Ariel’s Sharen antagonist but after the community chose to let her live(There was a vote many years ago), her role shifted. That near death experience from a misunderstanding made her want to understand what’s going on around her and the well in which she jumped was much deeper than she anticipated. Whenever a character point of view was needed to show Snadhya’s hand behind the scene, she was it. The abandoned empress’ tower, the truth behind tainting, the vloz’ coup, the spread of flower poison, the airship heist, the teachers replacement with summoned beings, she was involved in all this. Yet, she is not a fighter. You won’t see her fight with a sword or use extraordinary power. At best she turned her own blood as a weapon, by extracting it into vials that she use in case of troubles. For the rest, she trust her allies and plans to get herself through the day. As for her physical appearance, she is thin, but a bit taller than her aunt sillice. her taint has made her sick, barren and cause her to occasionally bleed. With the recent events combined with her mistrust of Shinae, i believe she has started to feed herself poorly and this will show. If her curiosity wasn’t taking the best of her, she’d be well contented to be a princess at home in her favorite pajama for days. Speaking of pajama, the pattern was reused for her belt. Last i can say is Chrystel lacks in a good “fowl”, a character with which her own personality could be more clear. Her brother was her companion for a long time but now he is Kiel’s love. His path will take him elsewhere. So in the light of foresight, i regret not having brought her own love into the story as a character to make her stand out.

Plus some nostalgia fuel older concept of her.
Her size comparaison chart:
Next is likely Cahal the dragon.

And the concept art for Navian. With Vergil’s character at the bottom right.
Next uuuh, probably Laele.


29 Responses to Chrys

  1. Razorburn645 says:

    Looks awesome Kern. It looks like Chrys is in for a rough time skip (If she survives to see it).

  2. smokehammer says:

    Well if these kids are ever going to meet up, since Ariel’s kinda… flighty? and overly enthusiastic, Chrys & Ar can still play friendly nemesis/ground for each other.

  3. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Wow, Chrys’tel…what a change from her days at Orthorbbae, when I thought she was such a huge beeyotch. It seems the more secrets she’s uncovered, the weaker she’s gotten health-wise :( But the cerebral, analytical, undercover Chrys is so much more enjoyable a character, and much stronger than some simple asshat of a Vel. I know it’s been a few years since her stint in Nuqrah’shareh, but when she took out that golem with a blood-grenade with Cahal’s capable assistance, it was awesome

    Speaking of that lovable dragon…CAHAL!!! \*3*/ Yay, I’m glad he’ll be back! Seeing Chrys riding Cahal in combat, I can understand why there are so many Sharen fans…

    Thanks for the height-comparo lineup, that really puts the characters in perspective…somehow, I always thought Sil’lice was taller, it must have been her imposing blue plate armor? Or perhaps the strength of her personality cast a mighty tall shadow

    Apura Nal’Sarkoth looks like an interesting character…buff, likes to wrestle, and not one to remain in a funk, I like! ^^ And awww yisss, Laele’aell Val’Sarghress is suiting up in the locker room! 8)

    • Kern says:

      Height is always a challenge. So many characters, and things are drawn so fast. So that wouldn’t be surprising if sillice looked tall. Even Faen was drawn talls before.

      • Basileus_Ioannis says:

        You know, I think it was her armor, or more specifically her helmet, in Prologue. That, combined with flatter long hair making her head appear narrower, gave a sort of forced perspective that made her look taller. Also, when Chrys was in her “custody”, she was still a kid, so naturally shorter than the adult Sil’lice and Kadara, who are about the same height. In chapter 17, we see in several panels that both Sil’lice and Kadara are about half a head shorter than the Sargh warriors around them (although when Sil’lice stepped forward to accept Yaeminira’s challenge, she was closer to the camera so appeared taller). So it was my misconception, she is only of average height ^^

  4. Moatl says:

    Meh! Becoming her barren wasn’t caused by the taint in the first place. It was caused by wearing her mini-skirts in the first place. ;P

  5. Greenwood Goat says:

    Based on this deep analysis of Chrys’tel’s character, and on the size comparison chart, I think that she could do with being picked up and hugged, and Ariel is big enough to do it!

    Ariel: *picks up and hugs Chrys’tel*

    Faen’arae: *hugs Chrys’tel (gaining maximum proximity to her posterior, natch)*

    Octobear: *octohair-hugs Chrys’tel*

    Mel’arnach: Look, a group hug! Come on, Zhor, you need to try this! *hugs Zhor to Chrys’tel*

    Tebryn: Hey, chief! Can we join in?

    Quill’yate: Why the hell not? C’mon, squad! *leads mass glompage*

    Chrys’tel: ;_; . . . . . (Are these tears of distress or joy, or just squeezed out of her by the glompressure? You decide! >:=)


  6. GEM76 says:

    wait there was a vote to keep her alive XD

  7. Vlashrod says:

    For me Chrys’tel is a character way more interesting than Ariel. She’s curious and involved in her clan’s secret, working to uncover the truth and trying to regain some honor. She’s involve herself and has an active impact in chel’s politics. In comparaison Ariel is just a boat afloating on Quain’s current stream while Chrys’tel is fighting for herself and had a greater personnal development through her life.

    Will her regain some proud ? Will her succomb to the taint rotting her ? Will her be loyal to the end to a mad zala’ess ? I’m very insterested in her fate. She’s one on my favorites characters in Drowtales (second after Snadhya in fact) :)

    • Metzger says:

      seems like we share the same thoughts about Chrys, let’s just keep our fingers crossed…

    • Pahana says:

      Chrys’tel is pretty much one of the most interesting characters in this comic to me. She stands out well enough on her own in my opinion.

    • junglefowl26 says:

      She is one of my favorites as well.

      She sure has come a long way from her original goal.

    • Kern says:

      you have to admit Quain make for a strong rivers. Drown most, sometime those drowners have their arms broken first.

  8. Dalvyserran says:

    Sillice is shorter than Chrys’tel?

  9. Navian says:

    Haha, no budget for ornate trim on those armour plates, I guess. Looks like a complete and very functional harness without any jewelry aside from the brooch; I guess that means the clan’s in a pragmatic mood, these days. I think something got lost when the eyes were redrawn from the sketch, they look kind of blank and inert; it’s not something I can really pin down, though. You said you were thinking of a ‘strong sad’ sort of impression for the character on the stream two weeks ago. I don’t want to give you more work, though, I’m excited about all the other concepts, too. Chrys and Laelle are both on my top five list of favourites!

    I wouldn’t say Chrys’tel is ‘more interesting’ than Ariel, in part because they’re hard to compare, but also because they’ve both had a lot of character development, and are both very conflicted. Though Chrys has had much more control over her own development than Ariel’s had over hers… Faen saved Ariel’s life when Chrys’tel wouldn’t, but when Ariel saved hers in return, she became something of a black hole for Ariel’s character development. Ariel could definitely still make a good foil for Chrys’tel, though I’m not sure how well that would work the other way around.

  10. GEM76 says:

    Man if the size chart is them after the time skip Chiri grew her hair out again…she looked super sexy with short hair :(

    And when did Sillice get all those scars or maybe I’m just used to her space age version O.o

    Also, so jealous of Faen she has the perfect girlfriend a shape-shifter who grew out her rack that Faen with her height size now has a nice view or is she a butt person which Ariel now has to…but the question you have to ask did Ariel grow her butt out for Faen or Nau who is defiantly a butt person XD

    • Mute says:

      I don’t think these concepts are for after the time skip, more just for this upcoming chapter 50 and perhaps a couple chapters previous, depending on the character? Chrys and Ariel looked like those concepts around the start of 49. At least that’s the impression I’m getting. (And I hope Chrys keeps the short hair too over the timeskip too. :B Come on girl, you know if you grow it out you’ll just end up burning it back down AGAIN.)

      Do we know how much of a time skip we’re getting? Pretty sure Ariel still has some physical maturing to do possibly. x3

      • Kern says:

        They’re all for chapter 50.
        Time skip will be in between 6 to 36 months.

        • Mute says:

          half a year to three years? Quite a possible range. x3 oh hey maybe Ariel’s direwolf will be grown up and ready for battle by then, that’d be sweet!

          And whoops why did I write Chrys in the previous post when I meant Chiri, OTL.

          man I’m excited for this chapter :3

    • Kern says:

      we’ll see, maybe Chiri will keep them short.