Page 1 of ch50 was done and now goes online the first of Kite’s adorable epilogues. If our arts reflect the way we view the world, Kite see the world as soft candy!

Sketch of Apura’s concept. I hope to complete 2 concept by saturday. Then saturday again another 2, including Acedraws as he really want to see his soon. Lordpanther’s next sponsored piece will be saved for the last stream of the month.

Here is the last parts of our gurren lagann challenge. I wanted to finish this on a happy note of encouragement as Darkvolt returned to school on monday to learn 3d modeling. We wish him much success in his new career part!
Now this is done, my warm up will be concept art(because i don’t have enough XD) for a while. Chrys need to be done ASAP then shinae then Kiel. character like Quillyate , sang, suube, rosof, Kelnoz…. you get the meaning, there’s a lot of character in need of a review.Each of them to be drawn to scale. Or at least try to.


One Response to Gurren lagann challenge complete.

  1. Navian says:

    I sent my feedback by email before checking this page, so… comment here! Yes, excellent! Nice throw! A chilling conclusion to that mech battle, too. (Chilling out, that is.) Sounds like this chapter’s going to have an interesting start, if Chrys and Shinae are near the beginning.