Saturday stream will be done with Lunareth and Vergil. Next week stream will feature El i mean Elshi! Sorry for badly writing your username all the time. New artists, new thing to watch, new follower of the cult of cake, new contestant in challenge and new art style for you guys to win in giveaways!

Day 4 of writing, again only a couple hours to actually write. Still better than yesterday. The document now stand at 10000 words, which in the grand scale isn’t much. The thing is , these are all notes set in sequential events that are meant to be converted into scripts a chunk at a time. As today was my last day without a full page to make. Later on saturday i will begin the cover and thus will lose that few hours a day to work on it all. This chapter will be massive once complete as promised and the cameo sheet will now have a slot to tell you when your characther will appear. This may not be 100% accurate as sometime i add pages to fleshen up a scene i feel is too rushed. The first two to get a “deadline” per se is Nona and Sornmal, both set to appear in page 5.

Two concepts arts drawn today, the much needed sillice:

The character has been exiled for 30 years in the story and of late she’s been on the road a lot. Her hair dye would be completely gone. The full plate, skirt, loose hair, it’d be all in the way. Her fancy gemstone sword would be broken down into a dagger at this point. She’s always been the smallest of the five imperial “princess”, the little overachiever who tried to be the most loyal in all thing, making her a soldier at heart. But the fact that she’s still clutching on her hate 30 years later also mean she can’t let go. She had two childs since then, both of whom she left behind. that imply a lot about how bitter she may be. As for why she seem to have more hair on top, i was trying to make her head seem small, by increasing hair volume for contrast. Blue cloak stand out too much but she had to keep some blue to be recognizable. And finally gone is cloaks, they’re out of fashion so a more poncho-style outergarment. Something that wouldn,t get in the way of her legs.

Old concept art by blackmyst:

And Abyrae’s sarghress who was deemed to similar to Ariel and thus tweaked:

Darkvolt did the next piece of the gurren lagann challenge for which i’ve no time to reply to today. Maybe monday!


6 Responses to day 4 of writing

  1. Thrair says:

    Ah, more Sil’lice. She’s my favourite of the sisters, by far. Really looking forward to this chapter, even if it’s crazy long. (When I saw 60+ cameos, I knew it’d be in the running for longest chapter ever, right off the bat).

    Also really cool that we’ll have an ETA on cameo appearances. That’ll give us something to look forward to. :)

  2. smokehammer says:

    Silly’s ears are the biggest part of her

  3. Pariel says:

    Wait what? I thought sorm said that he couldnt be because of work and he was cool with it… and do you need a new concept from me or aomething?

  4. junglefowl26 says:

    Ah, interesting. I am looking forward to seeing them both appear in the chapter!

    I wonder when and where exactly Sillice got her scars, since she didn’t have them when she last appeared.

  5. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Very nice concept art for Sil’lice, I like how her look and equipment are evolving over time, that’s keeping it real. Shaira’ja looks awesome, love her cowlick, and she sounds like a fun character (“You are grounded”…earth affinity…she should go into politics, then she can do some mudslinging, and get some dirt on her opposition! ^^ )

    And that 10,000-word document is not a script, but a collection of notes to base the script off of? Holy cow…Kern, can you give a rough estimate on how many script pages come from one such page of notes? Even at a conservative 10:1, that’s a 100,000-word script, at 500 words per page, and one text page roughly translating to one page of drawing (my experimentation), that’s 200 pages of drawing. Again, 10:1 is probably on the shy side, if you’re shoehorning in dialogue, action, background, and other details. Best of luck to you and your team, Kern…I am excited for you, and can’t wait to see chapter 50 unfold! \*o*/