Nothing on day 3. Once all scripts and graphics of the day are done, it’s nearly 1hAM. I’ll at least go over the editor’s review tonight.

Second page for Kite was sketched, this one will show up on thursday.
Relic hunter and Feral scripts were both sent to the artists.
Blackmyst pre-uploaded a daydream update set to appear for valentine.

The next mecha battle warm up was done. Might jump to concept arting Sillice tomorrow as she’s likely to show up on the cover.

Concept art for the B of ischa, posing with her new toys. Somehow Suna will end up on all concept arts.
But really the concept that matter is this one:


7 Responses to day 3, huuu

  1. Abyrae says:

    I’m all for Suna being on all concept arts since she already rules the world. Not everyone knows it, yet, because they can’t pick up the subtleties of “making cameos in cameo concept art” as propaganda.

  2. SFI/Bwoman says:

    Best concept art ^^ really cheered me up after yesterday :)

    But Kern, you forgot one of her Braids of +5 Shipping!!! (in the orphan-chibi)

  3. Thrair says:

    “Armor made of her spider”? You mean she took the corpse of her dead pet and made armor out of it!?!?!?

    • SFi/Bwoman says:

      She really, really loved the spider and was heartbroken when it died.

      So to keep a memento, she made it her armour. (and goes into a rage if someone damages it)

  4. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Aww…so her spider was named Floofy? ;_; That’s really moving, B…may nobody damage Ischa’s precious armor!

    And Kern…what Kiel says in your Gurren Lagann strip is inspiring! ^^ “Don’t think, feel it!” is as inspirational as “Go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb! That’s how Team Drowtales rolls!” RAAAH! \*o*/