Status on the writing : The document is now at about 7000 words. The draft from beginning to end is complete. However there’s a lot of alternatives scenes to decide on and there’s a couple points that feel like they’re missing something. Chrystel for exemple curently lack a proper ending. And Laele, thanks Basileus for sponsoring her btw, i’ve still only a single line written for her. Curently drawing a blank on that blank slate character…. Perhaps doing her concept art would help? We’ll see. As for the story, i don’t think a three arc structure will work for this one. It’s way too long for that and events must be chronological following so many points of view, many of which take place at the same time. So, expect some kind of day system to be used for each part staring with Day 0, right at the puppeteer event. As for cameos, a couple of sarghress roles got their spots now.

Starting today will be the guest pages. I think Darkvolt first, then Luna on friday. Monday is Mau. Elhiir on tuesday. then Kite’s two pages. Friday? Not sure. May be chapter 50 start. Maybe one last page from Kite, as i won’t have a page for her to color before saturday or monday, that give her the time to do some cute stuff.

That warm up challenge with Darkvolt is growing into a comic of it’s own. Look at the amount of panels DV is putting into it.

and one more concept art for Thrair. I was fighting to stay concious while finishing this one, so, yeah…he is drinking BEAR now.
Let it be known, true sharen men drink bear and nothing else!


9 Responses to Chapter 50 writing day 2

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Oh holy cow, that Gurren Lagann project is indeed becoming a manga book! And while you’re drawing other things, AND writing the script to boot…you are a freakin’ dynamo. Speaking of the script, 7,000 words in two days…MS Word gives me about 500 words per page, so that’s seven pages a day. That’s impressive writing, considering it is one of multiple pots you have going on your stove!

    re: Laele, my pleasure Kern, I’ve just been hoping she doesn’t cause you problems. I’m wondering, Mablevi is keeping her on a short leash so to speak, and he has Quain’s ear, but would any other Dev’ess have pull with Mablevi? iow could anyone but Quain order her to be deployed? That could lead to a messy situation…hopefully the simple answer is “no”. But if the Sarghs were to fracture, and the factions were nearly evenly matched, Laele might be a dangerous “doomsday weapon” that the factions eagerly seek to use on the others before they have her used on them. Or…perhaps someone outside the clan…nah, speculating out my butt now… ^^

    btw Al’tesh is looking good, tossing back a bear…sorry, juice :D peekaboo, I spy the juice salesman behind him (that boy gets around)

    • Kern says:

      the problem of using the fallen legion leader into this as well is the sheer amount of characters already involved. If more characters are involved around Laele, then this mean “a” cameo become “a cast” of characters to add to an already long chapter. I must find a way to integrate her in existing events.

      • Basileus_Ioannis says:

        No problemo, if the rest of the Fallen Legionnaires are out in the field, and something should happen to Mablevi, he can tell the character who finds him where Laele is. Existing characters can thus control Laele (non-Quain factions or foreigners could “hijack” her, while Quain or her subordinates might have direct authority). I’m sure you have her subordination in mind, so who can control her would be predetermined. Keeping it as simple as possible would allow Laele to be modular for your script, no need to use any more characters than necessary

        btw I’m watching Battleship on FX…a modern day destroyer just got sunk after taking out three alien ships, so the survivors get to Pearl Harbor and use the only warship left: the battleship Missouri museum. Thankfully the docents are all former crewmembers who know how to run the battleship, and they sail off to the boss battle. I thought it was relevant, as if Laele is the Missouri, a powerhouse from a bygone era that comes in handy when all Hel breaks loose. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find her…maybe you can hire the Battleship ^^

    • CutieSquiggoth says:

      Ynda will so fall in love with Laele and follow her for, well, a while anyway :) Such purity of focus :)

  2. Thrair says:

    Oh, is that who that is? I was wonderin’.

    My favourite bit of the concept is that far right chibi. The shrug really sells it. :)

  3. smokehammer says:

    “Let it be known, true sharen men drink bear and nothing else!”


    • Basileus_Ioannis says:

      Nice, smoke…one of dem bears is doing the backstroke ^^ And I see the awesome Sarv-Khaless pillow fight over bananas became someone’s wallpaper…and fistbump HP bros! (mine’s an old laptop though)

    • Thrair says:


  4. Cyd/Ptitbaff says:

    7000 word?! I thought the chapter 50 was just “everybody dies, the end”

    Just kidding, I can’t wait to see more :3

    And a gurren project Yay too :3