Day 1 chapter 50 writing: hHaven’t had many hours left after all the other work got done. Still, a good progress on the writing when taking in consideration the time available. Right now it’s stand at 3600 words. Beginning is well defined, middle has it’s events layed out, climax on the other hand is still composed of old notes in chronological order. Ending is setup. Interlude too. Ton of cameos already have their places with pretty much all non sarghress cameos having their spots already. Speaking of which, Pariel, Guilty carrion, you two seem to be first. That mean Guilty i must prioritize your concept on saturday. Please be there if you wish to direct. I’ve yet to get an email from Ratatoskr regarding his cameo which is problematic. And lastly on the topic of cameos, turn up sillice has a much greater presence in the next chapter than i originaly thought. Since i’ve no cameos for her, i may end up picking among the sarghress ranks to bolster any spoken roles that cannot be fulfilled by her sister and daughter.

Day 2 of the gurren lagann battle:
Waiting for Darkvolt to strike back.

Jiaan concept art for Madea. Tried to make his armor better and him looking more healthy.

Also the great pallas cat , pen holder of the holy mother demanded a tribute of cake, so…
New Canvas
Also had to sketch her daydream page, hopefully the grouchy cat will be appeased.


12 Responses to Chapter 50 writing

  1. Thrair says:

    Jiaan looks pretty good. Not too roughed up, anymore.

    Also? More Sil’lice than originally planned? I have two words for this:

    F**K YEAH!


  2. Ra'tatosk says:

    The cameo concept have been delivered. Have made an offer for her to become one of Sillice’s squad if that would make it easier. She is malleable….
    Here is her concept:

  3. Dalvyserran says:

    Almost makes me wish I had used my Nishi daughter from chapter 43.

    • smokehammer says:

      I thought there were two or so Sillice backing cameos during the stream and the rolls were filled… did people change their minds or something?

      • junglefowl26 says:

        That is what I thought as well.

        Though one of those slots got filled up by Felicia, which I thought was odd since she was tainted and had denounced Sillice and was a Sarghress prisoner not on Sillice’s road trip.

        But yeah, I would have loved to seen more of the Nishi daughters from last time.

        As for non-cameo possibilities – well, Pissinhermouth has been mentioned as appearing, golem girl is dead so she is out, there is that one guy – Zala’s son who was one of Quain’s bodyguards…anyone else appear earlier?

        • smokehammer says:

          Kau. He’s got to be around somewhere.

        • Kern says:

          Felicia is the only Sillice’s support cameo. And she wouldn’t be fighting with Sillice so… yeah.
          No one took the second spot. That and Balvhakara were left unfilled. Instead we got a whole lot of sarghress!

          • junglefowl26 says:

            Huh, I would have thought that people would fight over those spots.

            Heck, I had half a mind to sponsor Chrystel’s boyfriends for the Balhv spot myself…sadly not half as much money though……

    • Aerisa says:

      Same, I would’ve loved to see Sillice interact with Perciva and Dindr’aen!