Didn’t do as much progress as hoped and some of these proportions will need fixing before inking. Owner of those characters, feel free to review!

It was fun hanging out with Sion, here is a preview of what she was working on:

As for Lunareth, her work will go online next week as a moonless page.

As for Kite, she made the ultimate fluffs:

Today’s challenge was set by Gunbird. “Drow with gun”.
Lunareth deleted her cute Anahid with pistol.
Sion: tumblr_o25lhd1b1E1qlcac5o1_1280
Vergil whose character give much fuk:
Pastelapocalypse with ducky gun:

For Madea:
For Mao:
Sion own giveaway will completed tomorrow.


mutlistream Today we have a new guest artist, Sion! Who will stream some romantic pictures from her webcomic Once upon a time. Lunareth has some fluffy seer kyovarde scene to draw and i will be doing the concept arts for chapter 50 cameos. With the usual mid-stream 15 minutes art challenge and end of stream giveaway. Join us to participate, watch or just hang out!


7 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. Thrair says:

    Vergil’s “Fuk you” gun is the best, imo. :)

    Love the sketches, btw. Said it before and I’ll say it again: This chapter’s gonna be awesome!

  2. Farex says:

    Love how the drider turned out, especially the way you’ve done the spider legs. Best drider ever! Also love the full body pose. Can’t wait until she appears in the chapter.

    There’s one small thing I wanted to ask: According to the Drowtales wiki, there’s several kinds of driders, and the one I picked (Ne’kalsaider) should always have eight eyes (two normal ones and six smaller ones, without the eye in the middle). I personally don’t mind either way, I’m fine with the way she looks in the sketch, but it may confuse some lore nerds :)

    • Navian says:

      After reading said wiki page, I’m pretty sure less than two thirds of it is up-to-date and canonical, but it looks like the first, most common type can have the eight-eyes arrangement, and the same goes for the traits that define the other two types, to a degree, at least. Seems reasonable for there to be a continuum running through them, rather than have them broken into three distinct types. I think you could ask for whichever arrangement you like, and then let the lore catch up to you.

  3. Abyrae says:

    As I said last night in the stream, loving the sketch so far! I didn’t immediately see it, but looking back at it now, I would recommend making the bangs a little shorter, with a cowlick/ahoge/idiot hair/whatever you feel like calling one rebellious strand that sticks up no matter what you do. And please do not forget to add eyelashes.

  4. Thrair says:

    For my part, just clarifying that the “understatement response to bad things” isn’t a total non-reaction… just a very mellow and resigned one.

    More of a “Huh. This’ll sting.” Not “Eh, whatever, doesn’t matter.”

  5. Vlashrod says:

    Ischa concept is cool :) Nehle will grant her cousin a nice welcome during the next chapter ^^

    • CutieSquiggoth says:

      Nehle is so nice, looking after Lilli and helping her through this terrible period, and still looking forward for others to help.