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I’m happy to write that the last two pages had been some of the most popular pages ever posted on facebook. People truly ship Chiri and Shan. Page 87 reached 1700 views, which may not seem much to some but Drowtales has never been popular on social medias so it’s good to see some positive feedback and growth there! In honor of this, allow me to share some colorful feedback over the ship from tumblr:


Also oroche brought the ship to it’s darker reality:


7 Responses to Switching role 10 and feedback

  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    And so, a Message from the Holy Mother is followed almost sequentially by a Massage from the Proto-Diva! >;=)> More kitty hugs to LordPanther for more Daydream! >:=3>

    The ChirixShan kiss has been a long time coming, and could have been missed altogether. And I do wonder how much of it was down to Ananhid’s influence. Now Ana is sure to ensure that Chiri and Shan have lots of quality time together, along with shared quarters…

    Anahid: And among the most essential duties of the Kyorl’solenurn is the ensuring of the next generation to continue our vital work. If not now, then when? If not you, then whom, o most dutiful warden? ^u^


  2. Navian says:

    It disturbs me a bit that displays of physical intimacy are what energize the most people, because I’d honestly be more excited by a picture of them simply walking over a bridge. Though, it’d disturb me a lot more if the scenes that generated the most excitement were those with the most graphic violence, instead! I’m much more interested scenes where characters work together to achieve their goals, or do clever things with their wits and resources, or just plain solve problems, rather than the ones where they just sort of indulge in each other, though I know Shan and Chiri have had plenty of scenes that fit in perfectly with that list, already. I guess there’s not all that many people who gush enthusiastically about their favourite pairings demonstrating their teamwork and lateral thinking, though.

  3. Thrair says:

    Nothing wrong with that! To each his own.

  4. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    First and foremost, congrats to Kern and the Studio Drowtales team for the achievement in social media. Agree with Navian’s second point that having achieved this on (a long anticipated) PDA is far better than on the back of gore, even though there are fans of that out there, NTTAWWI. The European censors seem to be far more squeamish about gratuitous violence than North Americans and certainly the Japanese (there is a whole lexicon of Japanese terms for the various sorts of gore and dark fandoms, and there’s no shortage of such anime from that source). The fact is that Drowtales is about drow elves, who as a race are known for their violence and iniquities, not for their warmth and love. That’s what makes this achievement so exceptional, that drow can experience true love that fans are attracted to, that it stands out because it is somewhat rare among this race. Smut, killing, torture, dastardly deeds, sure the drow excel at those. If they didn’t, they’d just be some other race with dusky skin and usually pale hair. No, drow do those things that are their hallmarks. But this warm fuzzy is NOT their forte, and yet there it is, to be witnessed by so many fans who had wanted this to happen for so long. So kudos to the team for this accolade! Now let’s bring on the smut, killing, torture, and dastardly deeds >:D

  5. Kern says:

    Thanks Basileus!

  6. Synathra says:

    I touched his butt first. That’s all I really have to say on the matter. ^.^