Not much to show today, but one warm up of genderbent Chiri and Shan. And unfortunate announcement that the chapter is extended by one page. The Dutanvir epilogue felt too rushed with just one page.
The list of guest artists for next week: Elhiirshaan, Mau, Lunareth, Darkvolt and also Kite will do her usual cute pages…and i keep forgetting i must do the summary of the chapter page. Must remember to do that tomorrow.


7 Responses to Genderbent

  1. Tsukiko says:

    Chiri is beautifully beefy and Shana adorably cute, great job as always! :)

  2. smokehammer says:

    One more page? Why’s that unfortunate?

  3. Nori says:

    *Slips the genderbending into reference folder* myesssss gooooood, embrace the rule 63, let it’s power consume you >:B((super hella cute rendition of them reversed, I’m especially fond of Chiri’s little poof poof bun,))

    On a completely serious note, stoked to see everyone’s contributions next week :D! Great lineup for the guest artists, though I’m not super familiar with Elhirrshaan’s works yet tbh, so that’ll be really neat to see their take on characters and events :>!((and more pages aren’t necessarily a bag thing, especially if they improve flow and comprehension!))

  4. Hfar says:

    Chiri is the now a master of kabedon.

  5. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    That’s funny…now Chir-he will need to bring his wallet to court She-an! ^^ And nice roster of batters warming up for next week (for the epilogue pages?). Oh, and WHAT?! THE DUTERS GET ANOTHER PAGE?! FUUUUUUU…okay, I’m easy : ) Actually, considering that I expected the epilogue to be Minka unlocking the front gate and Akumu running past him to snap up her shipping manifest she threw at Satsicia and calling dibs on a bedroom that has a window, I’m kinda worried now that a second page is called for o_O Maybe a surprise visitor drops by with a magnum of bubbly and a brand new welcome doormat? If so, kinda praying it’s Mikilu’ligr Val’Dutan’vir, and not the purple-haired motherkiller she was last seen fighting