You’ve got the message , stop failing your daydream subscription payments. Thank you.
This message was brought to you by Lunareth, pen holder of the holy mother.

By now everybody following the story can see Valla’s fate is not some epic fight against anyone as she isn’t a fighter. The war of words is over and now Anahid will raise to power. By friday the chapter will be over! However, the next chapter is a huge undertaking, i’d like a day or two to dedicate entirely to writing and planning. For this, I’ve put aside warm up and commission today to write 5 epilogues about different characters. These will be used for next week updates. Thus chapter 50 will begin on the 15th. Concept arts will begin this week, expect saturday stream to be 2 of them! First i got to finish lordpanther’s daydream page.

This weekend was a great one for Kousei art and short hair chiri. Something that is exemplified by Starlitdragon’s piece!
Crazy amount of details, looking forward to see it complete!
Chiri by Nanosilver with short hair. Short fluff love.
Slainne by Xenoanubis
And genderbent Kahru by Lunareth for Madea. Look at the cute little thing. Clearly what we needed was more fluffy little seer.


15 Responses to A message from the holy mother

  1. partner555 says:

    I didn’t know people were defaulting on their daydream subscriptions.

    • Kern says:

      3 out of 4 cancelation is due to payment failure. This also affect relic hunter, whenever we see a squad just dropping out of existance, it is a squad leader getting a failed payment. If you are part of Relic hunter, you may have seen that happens quite often.

  2. Tsukiko says:

    preserve the butts. Go DD.

  3. Aerisa says:

    Being amongst those who recently failed a daydream subscription: I’m sorry. I can’t speak for the other ones, but I’m not in the best of situation economically. I tried to support you guys, but eventually it went into overdraft and, well… it didn’t pass. When I saw that, I had to accept that I wasn’t in the best shape to encourage anyone else, and so I unsubscribed. It’s not malice. I love drowtales. I try to subscribe whenever I have a little extra money. But sometime I stretch it out a bit more than I should and, well… this happen. Again, I’m very sorry.

    • partner555 says:

      I see, maybe I’ll increase my own support for Drowtales. I already have the daydream subscription and get a cameo in as often as possible, so perhaps I’ll just give a donation monthly while I am fortunate enough to have a good-enough paying job in these tough economic times.

      I hope your situation turns around sooner rather than later, I know some banks charge overdraft fees and interest on the overdrafts, meaning it can be painful if an account goes into overdraft.

    • Kern says:

      avoiding overdraft is the priority. I apologize if the message made you feel bad Aerisa. This was not the intention. Just us expressing concerns that an extraordinary amount of cancelation is due to simple payment failures. Perhaps the issue you are expressing is more widespread than we think.

      • Aerisa says:

        It’s okay Kern, I know full well this wasn’t directed solely to me. It’s not the first time I’m hearing of such things happening in DD and beyond. But still, I WAS part of the problem, and I felt the need to apologize. I can only imagine how stressful it must be for you guys. Hopefully, once the economic situation improves, this problem will ALSO become rarer.

  4. junglefowl26 says:

    That soon? Wow, the cameo call usually feels farther off from the chapter

  5. Greenwood Goat says:

    Try as Kahri might, I think there’s someone out there who is going to be able to detect her curves through all the intervening layers of clothes, and then move in to make use of them…

    Octobear: *octohair glomp* *octohair climb* *octohair cuddle* *yawn* *nestle* *doze*

    Kahri: … Has… anyone lost a toddler? Hello? Anyone?? …… Ah, Chirinide. Could you give me a hand, here? It, er, followed me home… can we return it? Chirinide? Are you alright…?

    Chirinide: …he said I looked… cute! What are these tingly feelings that threaten to overwhelm me?? What have you done to me, Shan’naal? Why does it feel so good?? *swoon-glomps Kahri*

    Kahri: Nahid… heeeeeeeelllp! :-(


  6. Cyd/Ptitbaff says:

    Hey, I subbed just right now for daydream and relic hunter, I’m good holy mother, bless me :3