The stories read on today’s stream:
Holy mother’s vision i wrote
SA Shower smut Madea wrote
SA golem smut madea wrote.
For more Madea Stories, check the sundry blotter
Teachings by Tsukiko
Sad sad Kel & Waes written by B
Main commission of the day was the daydream page, which need another 6 hours to complete.
New Chiri outfit by Luna:

Challenge of the day is set by Eltharrion of drawing a character that got genderbent during some daily activity.


For risushi:
From Mau:
From Luna:
I don’t remember the winners for Mau and Luna, too pooped @_@

And fanart of Kousei, quite a surprise, from Kisame!
Fanart of Quaintana by 3dtee, in 3d! That’s a rare thing to see.
ITS QUAINTANA :3 (or tries to be anyway)

Today’s multistream is all about NSFW stuff! I tackle the next daydream page commission while Lunareth do the next queen o butts page and Mau continues the scenes from Achi and Sam. While Madea entertain us all with his reading of stories from 4 different writer. Come by to participate, watch, hang out or to just BEAR!


5 Responses to NSFW stream

  1. smokehammer says:

    Ah damn I missed it and it looks like it was a good one too..

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    The stories were all good…SFI/Bwoman’s story in particular had this whole Sword of Damocles “they’re going to kill you for this” thing hanging over the lovers, well-written with a good balance of romance and drama (see, she wrote it as a love story, so she fast-forwards through scenes that I, as more of an adventure writer, would have walked people through, which would have made it a long ass story and probably killing the romantic aspect in the process, so kudos to B!). The pics are great as always, Luna’s chibi Ana and Kahru gender-swap was hilarious, Mau was amazing with her cameo-style Ash’waren giveaway, and check out dat 3D Quain by 3deetee! :D Outstanding job everybody, thanks as always for streaming! ^^

  3. Ree Fireparrot says:

    Ooh, will we get to see Chirinide’s new armor in-story?

  4. Greenwood Goat says:

    Don’t write it off too soon, Kahrua… who knows how you’ll feel in ten months?

    Kahrua (in full flush of motherhood): I don’t want to change back! *cuddles baby* Pregginess feels great! Give me more babies!

    Anadude: But I need to have babies too! I’m the one who’s supposed to be the holy mother! There’s only one acceptable way around this…


    Kahrua and Anahid: Pleeeeeeeeeease! We want your babies!

    Shan’gaal: No! He’s mine! *hugs Chiridude*

    Chiridude: ……