NSFW stream begins at 2hPM. Madea will be there to read many stories, including a surprise. I will be doing the next daydream page remake then.
Today’s warm up is spider girl Licorice from Daydream’s queen of butts story. She has the uncanny ability to make stars come out of her eyeballs.

And the commission for lordpanther . That thing was never drawn before and i don’t know the setting. It is from a story Lordpanther is reading lately that provided a description that..well it’s a special description. It has every single possible skin type! Chithin, leather, sinnue, tentacle, horn…
And i need sleep o_o Next page is going to come up soon after this news post.


One Response to Spider leg and tentacles

  1. Metzger says:

    Licorice is adorable!

    Also LP monster looks like a Lovecraftian dog