No progress on commission today. Either I’ve spent too many time on these bear Faen or the pages are very hard this week.
So bear Faen, those are for Picarto, the custom smileys. Unfortunately it turns out only i can use them. If i ever get the chance to speak to someone at picarto again i’ll mention we need to be able to let people in the chat use them, else what’s the point. Still expect me to bear spam, because bear.

Mau will join us on saturday stream! it’s been a long time since she co-streamed. I don’t know what she’ll do yet but Luna has some anahid and queen of butts in mind.
And Mau did this today, as tribute to an happy ending with Ana.


6 Responses to BEAR

  1. LordPanther says:

    Some top tier work Kern, really hoping you can convince Picarto to letting us all use them in your stream.

  2. Farex says:

    Bear Faen Smileys HYPE!

  3. Metzger says:

    ooh Faen smileys? I foresee another Bear-Apocalypse in the stream

  4. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Yay Faen smileys! ^^ I’m glad there’s finally gonna be a HYPE emote (dats hype yo). And ooo… *3* so many pretty lights, Mau…
    Ana’hid: “The lights are so pretty…” 9u9
    Kah’ru: “None are as fair, or shine as brightly, as you, milady…” 6_6
    Ana’hid: “D’AWWW!!!” *blush*gush*omagush* #u#