Saturday is the next NSFW stream! Madea has many stories to read but we’d like to see new writers jump in. If you have a adult fic based on any of our stories, please feel free to send it in for an epic reading from madea.

Lots to updates in the cameo list. Mostly people settling on one united allegiance for their squads or were hesitating between two choices, which i’ve seen popup a few times in the chat. but there’s one big mistake i’ve made, i apologize to Jakkiah and Emperial for the mix up. Erasukel is added back in and Jakkiah concept art added back in. This came from a misunderstanding or misreading of the livestream chat. As for the concept art, i intend to start on them next week. I’ve still some sorting to do with all the informations you sent me, plus not everyone sent their characters sheet in.

Today’s warm up was Candy from daydream. Bellydancing, based on Lunareth’s inputs.

Lordpanther’s creature got updated. lost 2 pairs of arms, gained extra hair tentacles. More feline faces but main eyes move to the side of the head. Plus now it’s a cuthulu fan. To be completed, i hope, thursday night. The next daydream commission was written, to be sketched friday and i will – attempt – to complete it saturday.

And some Anahid cuteness from Lunareth, based on a story Madea wrote:


6 Responses to Bellydancing naga

  1. Jak'iaah says:

    No worries, Kern. The stream was not exactly easy to keep up with.

    …though if this is the time to mention it, I should also point out that Jak’iaah’s name is spelled wrong on the spreadsheet. I dunno if you’ll be pulling names from that or from our character sheets, but it’s probably worth pointing out. :P

    • Basileus_Ioannis says:

      That’s an understatement…when the ‘mad hour’ started, I heard the Chat window going *pok*pok*pok* nonstop for several seconds at a time, it’s a miracle anyone could have read that! ^^

      I don’t see Ynda on the spreadsheet…was Cutie just pulling our leg about Ynda being a Sargh? :s

      Candy Naga strikin’ a pose…she looks so graceful and limber (the peek-a-boo by her “knee” is interesting…uh, that hand…). The monster for LP is…well, looking very…monstrous (I can’t help it…I gotta say it…that critter done been hit by the fugly stick, LP!). Now Ana and Kahru…so cute…she too can’t help it…and dat chibi face on the lower panel is priceless! XD

    • Kern says:

      That’s a lot of A, are you sure you’re authorized to so many As?