It’s all there in a fancy spreadsheet:
60 cameos, who they belong to, which clan they’re from, their alleigance, wheter they have a concept art and finally if they’re to be shipped. Note, i may have missed some of the ships as i haven’t processed all of these characters sheet yet. But if you do see one i missed, feel free to leave a comment.
There’s one cameo with no owner attached. I remember the person from the livestream but he or she hasn’t sent a character sheet in for me to be able to match the informations.

Concept art for Kevin who must be feeling nostalgic for the young Ariel. Felt strange to go back and think about how she used to act. She was more energetic than she is now but then, so are most kids.

My warm up of the day was Steven universe based. When we saw the cat fingers episode, we got hooked on the series. Now starting season 2.

And finally epicness from Kite. Shan playing with fire!
Lunareth improved it.


43 Responses to Cameo list chapter 50

  1. SFI/Bwoman says:


    Say, how do you decide which character of the mini-factions gets the speaking-role?

  2. Vlashrod says:

    There is a small error in my cameo’s name ^^ It’s Nehleanee, there is no ‘r’ in it ;)

    Long list yes but for a long chapter. It will be fun !

  3. Jak'iaah says:

    I actually ordered a concept art for Jak’iaah again. Sorry. D:

  4. Midevi says:

    Tanooen is mine if helps clear any confusion kern.

  5. Pariel says:

    Um, Kern, Nona has no interest in being loyal to a brat (Shinae), she would be more interested in Zalaess at this point.

  6. Thrair says:

    SIXTY-TWO?!? That’s…. a lot.


  7. Thrair says:

    Oh, and Kern? I think Kame’leon is one of Ratatosk’s cameos. He’s got the concept up on the forums in the Brainstorming thread. Might drop him a PM.

  8. partner555 says:

    Gem has 6 cameos?! I am impressed.

    Just one question, why is Olin’s loyalty to Anahid? Olin tried to kill her in the current chapter.

  9. I know there were two people in the stream who were interested in maybe having Syrak ( ) as a mate! Abyrea and junglefowl, iirc. Either of you around here? I’d love to find out more about your characters, trade info or whatnot. Or if anyone else out there is looking for a mate.

    Or did a forum thread get set up somewhere for timeskip shipping? I looked in the forums but didn’t see one.

  10. The14th says:

    If there was one character who would ever utter the phrase “Adventure Time”, it would have been younger Ariel.

  11. Thrair says:

    Oh, holy balls. Bas sponsored Laele’aell. Man, this chapter’s gonna awesome.

    • Basileus_Ioannis says:

      Yes indeedy! ^^ I don’t think we’ve ever seen a concept art for her yet, this is gonna be OSSUM…so Mablevi, will this be the “extreme situation that requires extreme solutions”? Will her mother call for her once more? I guess we’ll find out!

      So many great characters, y’alls! Seeing Jysmur up there made me squeee \*3*/ Get ready to *FEEERT!* heehee! *snrk*

      Any word on if Bast will be joining us?

      • Kern says:

        Bast has no fund sadly. Last time it was a friend who sponsored her cameo. But Bast will be in our heart, cheering for death and fire.
        As for the concept art, if you’ve any wishes for it, let me know by email!

  12. Abyrae says:

    I keep misspelling my cameo’s name. It’s Shaira’ja. Can you make sure the spreadsheet is updated with the proper spelling, please? Thanks in advance.

  13. Lement says:

    Quite a few non-overlapping clans and loyalties.

    Of which most surprising is Sonor being loyal to Zala’ess.

  14. partner555 says:

    Oh yeah, I just realised, the spreadsheet doesn’t show that my two cameos, Nuru’lara and Karo, are together. Granted, it’s in Karo’s concept art, but just thought I should remind you just in case.

  15. Demetirus says:

    Hey Kern, can you set Jhane to be belonging to me? Either as Mao or Demetirus? I figure most folks don’t know me by my real name. :)