Not much to show today. It was a big work day, but interrupted with non arts stuff like you know, studio’s income tax, accountant, mailing stuff, digging in boxes for paperwork. Fun.
But hey managed to do a simple warm up anyways:
Kiki delivery service was interesting for it’s comparison with artistic inspiration. With it, we have power, while depression takes it all away. It hit pretty close to home for both me and Kite. And i imagine, for many other artists out there. It’s my hope that by doing these warm up i can find the energy to do the work faster and improve. 4 years ago(already 4!?), when i had set myself the challenge to do 1 picture a day , it was very difficult at first , after all time is always an issue! With only so few hours a day it sometime feel imposible to find that extra hour somewhere. But somehow time compressed over the passing of months and with more practices it helped improves my work dramatically. For one thing i was able to color my own stuff again! Commissioning began , cameo concept arts, doing extra comic pages and many other things. Looking back to 2011 and how slow all the work was, i wish i could go back and get myself out of that slump earlier. I imagine many other out there wish they could go back and kick their old selves the same way… but i disgress, the point of me writing all this is that work had begun feeling very heavy; updates were late in 2015 and daily artworks had become 1 per 3 days. Maybe, just maybe, this trend can be reversed. One thing i can say is that the last 3 weeks already made background a bit less scary than they used to.
So, stay determined people. Keep drawing, keep writing, keep crafting, keep whatever is your passion going.


3 Responses to Kiki and inspiration

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    I feel you, Kern. I get writer’s block something fierce, especially when RL throws problems my way. It’s been exactly 2 months since I posted my last chapter…the next chapter is just about done, but it was like pulling teeth! After seeing how many works you’ve poured out over the years, you’ve inspired me to keep writing…but I wouldn’t be able to match your productivity any time soon. So don’t fret! No matter how bogged down you feel, know that you’re still blowing guys like me away, you dynamo you! :D Keep going at a pace that you’re comfortable with, you’ll always be an inspiration to me! ^^

    btw Kiki and kitty looks really good, love the beautiful clock tower as reference point, and the dynamic angle to the horizon that enhances the flying feeling, nicely done! Your lineless warmups are looking better and better! \^o^/

  2. Smokehammer says:

    That witch’s kitty is the perfect cartoon version of an oriental short hair. So awesome.