First, you guys were truly awesome. Greatest turnout for a livestream on Picarto. And greatest amount of cameo as well. I was so fired up with adrenaline i went through a migraine without stopping thanks to you guys.
50 cameos in!
65 users in the chatroom!
Two commissions in!

Second, colored version of a picture for Thrair.

Third is a concept art of Ariel from chapter 12 being a little ball of energy for Kevin.

Fourth is a creature concept for Lordpanther. I don’t quite understand what i’m drawing so it’ll need a lot of tweaks before being inked.

challenge set Eltharion : Kyorl drider. I chose Anahid because mother of spiders!
Nothing from Luna. Kahru drider was not to be!
Kite bring in the most strange unicorn drider:
Mau brings in the butt:
Ylyth brings the inevitable fluff Chiri:
Erica brings in the rival holy mother:

giveaway for Sarai, Cat girl waking up.
Luna for Mau:
Kite for Snowy:

Bonus green conqueror from Vergil:


18 Responses to stream aftermath

  1. Eltharrion says:

    Heh, it was fun and the giveaways look great, but…
    Kern, REALLY? I’ve mentioned it what, five times by now. My name has two R’s! xD

  2. Thrair says:

    Oooh. Eltharion is calling you out, Kern!

  3. Mau Acheron says:

    It was really great livestream with a big surprise in the end (well, for me xD)

  4. GEM76 says:

    GGGrrrrrrrr -_-

    (Couldn’t make stream)

    *Hands Kern Self Defense weapons against Eltharrion* XD

  5. partner555 says:

    Were all available roles (not counting unlimited for Sarghress faction) taken? I had to leave early because sleepiness was catching up with me.

  6. vernes says:

    Completely forgot.
    Is there a spot for my cameo?
    He was part of the joined army strike n stuff.

  7. Cyd/Ptitbaff says:

    First stream with you , I really love it how you care about what people says and How you’re smooth and happy in your stream. I’m very glad to join your Cameo day :3

    the Broken english always win

    PS: don’t kill my cameo please, I’ve got so much dress to wear for her :3

    PPS: If we think, we don’t tell enough information about her character or if we want to change something, We can ? How many time after the cameo was take ? Thanks :)

  8. Durlyn says:

    Sorry I couldn’t really participate in the stream due to my computer not agreeing with Picarto, but glad I could support the comic & add to the list of cameos! Congrats Kern!

  9. Sindas says:

    Was a great stream, was nice to see you go again. :)
    Hope that migraine didn’t get too bad.