Sunday update: Closing the cameo offer. The only one left was the Balvhakara, which surprisingly no one took. Sara will step forward to take the spot! Thank you everyone
9hPM update: Vlozress demon prince or princess , 1 kyorl and 1 balvhakara are what left after the stream ended. You can still submit a sarghress character though we have a good number. I suggest you take a bad sarghress role if you do.

What is a cameo? It is your character in our main story, Moonless age. He or she will be drawn having dialogues, interacting with each other. Likely fighting, bleeding and perhaps even… dying. Life in the drow world is cruel, filled with shades of grey where the true enemy is rarely seen, if ever. Where will you stand when making a choice is inevitable? Three great leaders could lead the underworld, but the one you choose may not be the one that lead your clan. This is the last chapter of this timeline, your last chance to set out a legacy for the years to come in your character’s life.
By choosing where your loyalty truly goes you will affect the path of your character. By choosing with who your character is paired, you set your character’s family path for the third and final arc of the story.

Sarghress: Unlimited. Choosing a legion or millitary leader is encouraged.
-Sullissin roles are considered part of the sarghress faction.
Sharen alliance:
-2 of Zalaess line
-1 Balvhakara
-1 Jieyen
-2 Illhardro

Kiel’s crew: 5 , non demon are returning characters only.(2 left)
Sillice’s crew: 2 roles
Snadhya’s crew : 2 roles, returning characters only.
Nalsarkoth: 2 roles, only 1 of which speaks
Jaaldarya: 2 roles, only 1 of which speaks

kyorl: 2 roles, only 1 of which speaks . The second role can be Dutanvir of origin.
Beldrobbaen: 2 roles, only 1 of which speaks.
Multiple cameo is accepted. However you must choose which one is your main. Everyone else will be given more minor roles. Ex: A sarghress squad leader with spoken role, everyone else is acting under his/her command.
The story will take place across a longer span of time than any of the previous chapter. This allows for many group of sarghress cameos to show up across these events.
The “bad apples” of the sarghress clan are encouraged for this chapter.

How to order:
Please include your character name, and clan in the paypal comment field.

Concept art grant you one of these :
They come at a reduced price when ordered with a cameo as they will help ensure your character get the the proper time to be studied, both in appearance and character. It is required if your character is new and you do not plan to do the concept art yourself.

Character sheet:
Details required for your character:
-Name: First name, family name(if any)
-Race : Ssu , Lath, half blood or demon.
-Profession : Your position in the clan.
-Martial ability: Your favorite method of fighting. This will define your weapon, if any.
-Mana affinity : One magical ability, be natural(more wild) or high art(more focused but require an foci)
-Costume: Clothes. Armor.
-Colors. Eyes, hair, skin.
-Personality traits: Stick to main points
-Favourite saying : One or two phrase often said.
-Favourite activity: This will serve to make your character main pose in case of a concept art.
-Favourite expression: This will serve to make your character main close up in case of a concept art.
-Quirks: VERY IMPORTANT. Character’s flaws is what define them. Be they be serious or humorous, think of how your character can have stranges habits, failures, or things that make them react. Such as a fear or phobia. It is this that will make your character stand out. Such as Fame love of Goats.
-inspirational pictures: Pictures that make you think of your character, or actual references.
-The answer to the question : Where does your loyalty go to.
-Who is your character in one simple sentence?
-With who is your character paired with? Doesn’t have to be the same clan.

Fill the sheet and send it to :

-How do i submit my character?
Answer: Pass an order then submit the sheet to the following address:
-I’m sad that we don’t see the old secondary characters anymore. Can i order one of the old character, such as Kyo’varde?
answer: Yes, you will be the sponsor of that character and get to choose some modifications.
-Can i be a different character than those listed above?
Answer: Only if you are on the livestream during this specific saturday and can make a strong case why it would be a good idea to include your special character. Exception such as Rune’s baby for Zala can be made.

Today is when the roles will be made available for chapter 50. They will be put online at 3hPM, allowing 1 hour session of questions. Kite will work on monday’s page, Lunareth on the next queen o butts with plenty of blushing spider girl, and i will be doing Thrair’s commission followed by Lordpanther’s concept or the Ariel’s concept. There will be a giveaway at the end of stream but the art challenge is only if we feel like the stream is calm enough to allow it. Drop by our multistream to ask question, participate or just hang out!


6 Responses to Cameo stream

  1. Synathra says:

    *waves at all the peeps currently in the chat from the depths of the abyss of guesthood*

  2. AuroraDragon says:

    I’ve been hoping for a chance to get Trillune in the comic!
    I don’t wan to miss this, what time zone are you? All I know is that it’s pretty different from mine! (Which is why I usually miss the streams)

  3. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    When I logged on today, I thought the stream was already underway from the Chat window, everybody was talking rapid-fire. By the time Kern, Kite, and Luna were streaming, I think there were 34+ users online, and Chat comments were one right after the other. After an hour of this, by the time Kern started the cameo discussion, there were over 50 users, and I could hardly hear what they were saying from all the *ding*ding*dings* of the Chat. I think we hit about 65? users around mid-stream, when finally the Chat comments slowed down to a more normal level. This gave the artists a chance to run a 15-minute Challenge, timed by Madea who was fourth voice streamer (and Neige meow-bombed Kern as fifth streamer, making a brief on-camera appearance, along with Kite’s disembodied hand poking Kern ^^ ). Kern’s migraines flared up again, giving us a scare, but he fought on until the end of the stream. Thank you Kern, Kite, Luna and Madea for another most enjoyable livestream, and I’m sure you’ll top 50 cameos for chapter 50 in a matter of days, if not hours!