Tomorrow is the big stream. Cameo from 3hPM and likely i’ll be halting drawing anything for a hour following that to take notes on everyones joining in. However whenever i can , i have the following 3 commissions that need be done , preferably before all those concept art become priority:
-Thrair genderbent coloring
-Lordpanther creature concept art
-Ariel chapter 12 concept art .
The next daydream page commission is saved for the 30th’s adult livestream. Luna will be doing her daydream page, Kite will be doing monday’s page.

I’m fairly “fast” in the team but there’s times when i can’t get things right for hours until i want to pull my hair off. This warmup is one. Lineless portrait. Chibi? Sure, anytime. 1 to 3 hours. This Xenoblade piece? Erk, i think i lost 5 hours. Not a warm up at this point. Nor do i enjoy the result.
Finished Xenoblade today, good game, try it.

Finished Nie’s commission too, but that one is set to private so enjoy Faen’s eyeballs.

And on the topic of Faen, Gem had this done by the artist Toshio Maeda, i’m told he worked on la blue girl and legend of overfiend.
Thanks for sharing, Gem!

Of course Oroche had to give Quain a beard. Quain always end up with a beard :P


5 Responses to regular crazy artist bashing his head on the table lalala

  1. Disestablish says:

    Sucks that I can’t get to the stream during… Can only hope that there’s a good one left that I might be able to throw someone in… Maybe Vara’nin if the clan is an option/they even survive this chapter

  2. Smokehammer says:

    If you shave your head you cant pull you hair out XD

    Besides the silly advice, I dont know the Xenoblade character but, beyond her neck being too long(assuming her species have human proportions) and possibly the chin to shoulder angle being too severe, it looks great.

  3. Oroshe says:

    I’m offended you didnt put a link to the other one kern.

    heres the no beard version