Behold Lil’Turtle, child of Nau and Kiel. Bane of demons. Or at least a first take. Gender unknown as of yet though i’m told boy by people on facebook.
Oroche asked for the last picture to make wallpaper. or likely deface with mustaches. So here is the full res of it.


14 Responses to Lil turtle

  1. Hfar says:

    What makes you think any child of Kiel and Nau could be contained to just one gender? It shall forever remain unknown to the world!

  2. Smokehammer says:

    So is Turtle-tot going to be Octobear’s love (aka mauling toy) interest?

    Also DART BOARD -hells yes!!

  3. Smokehammer says:

    AH HA! So thats what you REALLY meant by “Bane of Demons”

  4. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Cute! ^^ If s/he swallows that friend-demon, changing diapers might be an…interesting…experience :D Little ducky sitting atop the head…

    • Greenwood Goat says:

      Little demon burps and farts and maybe the odd attack of demorrhea. Now, would Kiel be able to use Turtle consumption as a punishment for misbehaving princes and princesses, or would it be like a super fun gastro-intestinal slide to them? >:=)>

  5. Moatl says:

    Don’t warship the demons, eat them! :D