Today was not productive on warmup or commission. I’ve made a tiny bit of progress on Nie’s commission. For the warmup i had a cameo announcement picture which will go in the trash bin.
I’ll try again tomorrow.
Lunareth on her side did much better.
cameo call
What more can be said? Babies. You can’t let Nau be the father of all the babies post time jump. Better plan your characters for saturday!


4 Responses to Nau’s babies

  1. SFI/Bwoman says:

    I so hope I will be on time to get Ischa in D:

  2. Thiradil says:

    What kind of character for the chapter 50?

  3. Nori says:

    >.> *steals a few babies to corrupt, ER, raise as their own* we all know Kiel would be using us friend demons as babysitters anyways, and there’s like 20 of them, she won’t even notice <.< Seriously though the little tykes are so cute ;u;, the two super teethy masked one's in Nau's arms are especially adorable imo

    and goooooodbye first attempt at the cameo call, you were too innocent for this world, too chibi, may ye rest now rest in peace =v=