Warm of the day:Lunareth said Baliir and Sara will have two boys. She speak with the voice of the holy shipper Anahid and so it is to be.
Sara: “I want a daughter” Baliir: “To set expectations on unborn child is setting yourself up to a misandrist view of the world, the child should be free to be any –” Sara: “Bal.” Baliir: “?” Sara: “Shut up sweety” Baliir: “Okay”

Commission for Cutiesquiggoth is complete. The little crazy found herself a new armor.

Fanwork of the fluffy seer squad by Pastelapocalypse!

-Curently playing : Vermintide


5 Responses to Flying babies

  1. Hfar says:

    Balir and Sarah babies have got to be the most adorable things since plush seals. Although the underworld would not be prepared for the children of those two!

    And speaking of cuteness, I did not think it was possible for the Seer Squad to get more fluffy. I forgot that cat ears makes everything fluffier. I just want to pet them all! Well, except for Yuh’le. She can still go jump in a lake.

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Diapers and little air foci shoes on the tyke! :D

  3. Kearnaun says: