A lot of pictures got done today and it isn’t even a saturday. With the most important one of all: Fluff seer squad, by Lunareth.

Today’s warm up was for Elhiirshan, who has a webcomic Fading world with a fabulous king:

Portrait of Holy mother Anahid by Vergil with forhead tatoo upgrade!

I corrupted Luna with kyovarde’s backstory. It hit all the weak points :D and thus this was made:

Once anahid rule, the grim dark future will begin. A future where cakes is fed to all the grumpy ladies of Chel, including Kyovarde. Her fate…is round.

Cutiesquiggoth commission sketch pending approval. To be completed friday night i hope.

Ah yes and Kite did this masterpiece of catbutt meet face. Face, meet catbutt.


12 Responses to Fluffy seers

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Fluff Seer Squad Finds Some Squee! \*3*/ omg Luna…they’re…too much… (falls over from a-cute shock) *ahem* (recomposes himself) That lineless warmup of the king is indeed fabulous (and those Dave Strider shades on the second one makes him twice as fabulous!), the forcefulness of his gesture, the crumpled letter clenched in his fist, leaves no doubts as to who wears the crown in the room! Vergil’s Ana is gorgeously shaded, those eyes pierce the soul, and her cheeks look so soft! ^^ And Ky’ovarde given the Luna treatment is amazing (those full lips scowling, and until she got her armor taken away, who knew she had such curves!). All looking real good, guys!

    • Basileus_Ioannis says:

      Oops, and Kite’s Feros getting acquainted with cat-butt is so funny! XD That fat cat butt is literally as big around as his face…another neat lineart from Kite!

  2. EllirhShaan says:

    No one can simply type my nickname by the first time! :D
    Thanks again, as I said he’s perfect. x)

  3. Greenwood Goat says:

    Those fluffy seers are so cute! Even the dour-faced Chiri. Valla’drielle had better not see them like this. Or Anahid, for that matter…

    Anahid: That is it! Holy Sharess, that is inspired! We need a Fluffy Seer Squad! Your badge of distinction shall be a pair of extra-fluffy kitty ears! You shall have an escort of cute ferals! And non-threatening templar boyfriends with cute butts!

    Chirinide: I already have a bo- templar, holy mother, and-

    Anahid: He is so non-threatening, and has the cutest butt!! XD You are such an inspiration, Chiri!

    Ariel: *ahem* Hi! I’m here to donate some wolves to your cause. They should have been war wolves, but they turned out far too small and fluffy. Your new squad could use some mounts, perhaps?

    Fluffy wolves: *pant pant pant* *CUTE*

    Ariel: *transforms into fluffy Kyorl-sized ssu*

    Anahid: *squeeEEEEEEEEEEEEE* *dances with joy* And now you are unbeatable! Ride forth, Fluffy Seer Squad! X3

    Chirinide: ………… Alright… squad – I have our first target.


    Chirinide: …feel it in your hearts, people, and in your arms… the fluffiness of Sharess calls you to embrace! Contrast with the obdurate, unhuggable form of the turtle, which these misguided souls claim fill our universe to infinity – even if that were true, they do not hold sway here! *hugs wolf and feral* The Light and the Truth and the Fluff of Sharess…

    Kiel’ndia: One of you stop her! Baal, block her off! Kuso, do something nasty! Fame, do a goatar-shredding solo or something!!

    Kuso: **** that! You’re on your own, ****! *shivers* I’m off to get a drink before I catch a dose of this- *clutches hands, flees*

    Baal’ir: (uneasy) I am still with you, but I think we should concede for the moment before-

    Fame’nidea: So… cute… ◊u◊

    Clumps of princes and princesses: *start drifting across to play with the wolves and ferals*

    Kiel’ndia: No. No!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! *MMMmmph*

    Fluffy Kyorl face-cat (Chiri’s newest recruit): *face-glomps Kiel*

    Chirinide: And behold! The mouths of the enemies of Sharess shall be stopped – with cat butt!

    Fluffy Kyorl face-cat: *prrew!* :3

    >:=)> Well, Chiri deserves to finish on top at least once… >;=)>

  4. Farex says:

    I misread the title of the first picture as “Fluff Seer Squid”, which sounds like an interesting idea for a commission… ;)