Reminder that the 23th is cameo day. This is the last chapter of the current timeline, the last chance for your cameos to appear before things changes!
You have encountered the rare bento elf. Fight or mercy? I heard there’s a romancable mini game if a bento box is used during the battle.
Warm up pic of the day for Darkvolt. Who i’ve worked with for too many years to count. Cheer up DV, work hard and you’ll make it through!

He couldn’t resist the cute new hairstyle.

And demon inten confirmed for the next chapter?

Someone asked me regarding the Kyorls forhead symbols:
Kyorl Symbols

It’s not 100% consistant as cameos appeard in the past with their own creative spin on them. Like Kahru for exemple and his mix of both. Like was he so busy being promoted he didn’t felt like getting the old one removed and had the one tatooed on top? And the inquisitors were always veiled over, that’s their symbol. What’s under? I could only find one inquisitor bearing his forhead clearly. Then there is valladrielle who has a real eyeball on her forhead, making it difficult for her to get the tatoo.

Super cute drider and naga misadventure in queen of butts today:

Cutie’s commission is now pending selection. I’ve also done Nie’s commission drafts but that one is set to private.


9 Responses to Bento elf

  1. Pitdragon says:

    Ooo, so a certain head-popping Nid was once an attendant? :3

  2. CutieSquiggoth says:

    Love the bento elf :)

    Head popping Nid? That’s Ynda, not Yuhle (or am I completely misunderstanding, again?)

  3. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Bento elf looks amazing (your lineless warmup reminds me a bit of Sorane dropping his sammitch, arguably the prettiest male in the story), I like how yours is sitting way up there in the trees, and DV’s is generously sharing her bento ^^ Aw yiss, demon Inten looks too awesome not to appear in-story! :D And I knew I’d seen that diamond symbol before…Petri’cho! 8( So assuming an attendant is young like she was, maybe Yuh’le was the attendant for the same Holy Mother that Ky’ovarde was a Seer for, so she might have spared her on purpose when she attacked the Twin Eyes? The mind boggles…butidigress. The latest page of QoB is great, I’m glad Licorice got a job (following in the foot-foot-foot-foot-foot-foot-foot-footsteps of Thera the seamstress, I see), I’m certainly looking forward to seeing more of her! ^^

  4. Greenwood Goat says:

    I suppose if you’re going to be sitting around in trees a lot of the time, it makes sense to have your lunch with you in a box. Especially if there’s a prohibition on eating any part of the tree itself…

    I had never got around to trying to join up the dots regarding Kyorl markings. Since attendants of the Mother get a diamond, does that mean that Kahru, as beloved of the Mother, will be upgraded to a valentine heart? Or will she be unable to resist giving him a smooch mark there instead?

    Anahid: *paints valentine heart on Kahru’s forehead* ♥ *leaves smooch mark in the middle of the paint* ♥ :-) ♥ ♥ ♥


    • Lunareth says:

      This is so sweet i literally love all your comments

    • Greenwood Goat says:

      *sigh* If only there was that much love in Valla’drielle’s camp.

      Valla’drielle: The false Mother spreads her false love to anyone foolish enough to listen! But WE are the ones who minister the love of Sharess, and her truth, and her peace AND her bounty… so we must create an official Ministry of Love, along with a Ministry of Truth, a Ministry of Peace and a Ministry of Plenty to counter the pretender’s advance! And we must never forget that it is our hatred of the Nether that drives us – I shall lead a mandatory session to remind the faithful of this, a Two Minutes Hate, daily! We must send our empaths out into the city… to police the thoughts of the people! And we need a new run of posters to drive this home: they shall feature my face… with the words “Holy Mother is Watching You!”

      Priest flunky: And how many of these posters shall we have made, Holy Mother?

      Valla’drielle: Nineteen hundred and eighty-four!

      Sorry, everyone. Having finished the original comment, the thoughts of Valla’s reaction to it developed unstoppably along these lines. >:=)>

  5. Thrair says:

    Well that ‘splains a few things about the Kyorls.

    Also? Cutie commission? YAY!