Cutie’s character being saved by Vlashrod character. Commission complete! Next is the armor design commission.

ViriSylvia Nalsarkoth
And today’s warmup is for Vergil, the Nalsarkoth shall rise again , under a new emblem!
Now excuse me while i go crash to sleep, hard.


11 Responses to Green butt and Demon savior

  1. junglefowl26 says:

    Looks like an upsidedown McDonald’s symbol to me.

    Maybe they can open up a chain of haldari burger restaurants – it would be a great business opportunity.

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    The finished Nehle-Lilli piece is just amazing (and man those hips…they don’t quit), and the background looks so cosmic, it’s beautiful

    Wait, I’ve seen this natty Nal with the glasses before…a non-chibi version Vergil did, right? I not only approve of this great lineless warmup (the gold parts are especially pretty against the rich green background), but the new clan emblem as well (I guess her hands didn’t slip) :D The old emblem represented overworld and underworld, right? It always looked a bit like cartoon sleepy-eyes, especially when the loops were elongated vertically B) I like how her L’s are all lower case…reminds me of the typing quirks the trolls of HS used to use >:]

  3. CutieSquiggoth says:

    @Basileus_Ioannis: Now you understand why a Kyorl could fall for someone who’s tainted :)

    Kern, that picture is amazing :) What DPI can I get it at so I can get it printed and hung (should Vlashrod agree) *purrrrs ever so happily* Thank you so much Vlashrod, PM me so I can send you some chocolates or something please :)

    The new Nal pic is :) I do also wonder why her L’s are lowercased.

    Thank you again Vlashrod, Kern *sighs happily*

  4. Vlashrod says:

    Join the Nids, we have curvaceous figures and cookies ! ^^

    The commission looks great, like the cover of a book :) What kind of romance we could get between a tempting demon saving a tainted Ssu from inner self-destruction? Distress, forbidden love and passion, fantasy and dreams, beauty, decline and transcendance.
    ( a great love story in three volumes, only 10 ada per book plus one dedication and sexy picture from the author )

    Thanks a lot for the picture Kern ;)

    Cutie> Yes i agree for print it ;)

  5. Smokehammer says:

    The Val’AssNalkoth ? Yeah…