ff14 aura girl Tanis with her chocobo Boo. That’s the daily warm up… that took 3 hours. Not much of a warm up at this point. Sadly that mean Vlashrod commission is not complete, i had only one hour left to put on it. Solid hour though, the background is done and it’s mostly shaded. I’ll complete it tomorrow and do Cutie’s commission sketch while i’m at it. My boat for up to saturday is to do Lordpanther’s next script and Nie’s sketch as well once Cutie’s commission is complete.
Right now for next warm up ideas. I’ve Nalsarkoth for Vergil. Elf mage for Darkvolt. And thinking of a dark souls 2 piece. I’ll keep doing chibies for a while to keep these warm up under control. Once i’m fast enough i may try full bodies.

Happy Keykey by Lunareth for her new patreon.

Vergil created this epic piece:

Then Kern was like, “one shouldn’t have to work for a gift. One should only have to lift hands to sky and expect a butt to gently float down into them.” AND THEN MY HAND SLIPPED, MAN.

Raise your hands to receive your blessing!


One Response to Aura and chocobo

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    The level of details in your lineless warmups is getting higher and higher, Kern, keep it going! ^^ And is that Tanis’ tail that Boo latched on to? Love the color gradation in her hair. btw the link for Luna’s patreon isn’t working…but the pic looks adorable, the crown highlight in her hair looks pretty sharp, and she does look so happy. Vergil’s “butts from heaven” reminds me of the “just use butt for boobs” discussion in the livestream (got that cleavage action going there, Verg! hee) :D