Tomorrow is pitdragon’s birthday and so for the stream i’ll focus on her commission and request. We’ll start 2h like usual but we’ll end at 7h instead of 8h. Lunareth will do Lordpanther’s commission and Kite will do her usual page. Reminder that the 16th is a regular stream. 23th is the cameo call stream. 30th is the next NSFW stream.
Another warmup. This time of the black maiden from Demon’s souls. I don’t know how long i can keep up with these additional pictures everyday but i’ll try to as long as possible. Must get better and faster this year.
Vlashrod commission progress. Should be done on monday!

A card from Tsukiko! Featuring the fat cat, thank you! Took us completely by surprise.
Oroche, this is so wrong. Yet so right. Especially the fact that everyone knows.

What madness made you request a background from Luna, Farex? You certainly do not fear the wrath of the grouchy cat. The grouch was strong today, but the result is quite pretty!


3 Responses to Demon’s souls maiden

  1. Farex says:

    So pretty <3
    Thank you, Luna, I definitely appreciate it!

    Unfortunately I'm travelling tomorrow and won't make it to the stream :(

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Kern’s latest lineless (and eyeless) work looks good…so much detail in the jewelry, belt, and staff, and her hair looks well-defined too (and peekaboo fella under the stairs…I see you!). The fingers and toes might be able to use a little more definition, but I think you’re doing well in this new direction, Kern, please keep it up! Speaking of substantial, I keep forgetting how voluptuous Nehle is, those curves are deadly! ^^; Lilli is looking so innocent…those cheek scars are reminiscent of Kai’to (who reminds me of a purple-haired Naruto in a way) :D And omg Tsukiko’s awesome card looks like a candidate for Studio Drowtales logo (might be because we see Fat Cat before each livestream, heh). Oroche’s “page” is just hilarious (“The booty shall be mine”…lol)! And wow, Luna’s background…the insane level of detail in the grasses is mind-blowing, but it’s the purple glow effect and the creeping ground fog that is just amazing. Great work everybody, see y’alls on the livestream tomorrow!

  3. Moatl says:

    Oroche, you’re…
    a genious!

    And I still beleve it’s the Bud Spencer song the’re singing. X)