Today was promising to be difficult so i and Lunareth did warm up pictures to start the day. One undertale and one FF14:

Darkvolt turn the cast into vampire. Sara look like she’s enjoying herself:

Vlashrod’s and Cutie’s next commission has 3 different scene to choose from:


8 Responses to Undyne, FF14 fluff, Vampire girls

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Kern’s Undyne looks pretty awesome with that angry expression and menacing spear, kinda reminds me of Meenah Peixes from HS (stabby stabby). Luna’s Tanis and Feros making a snowman look sweet together (what’s Feros doing widdat snowball? bad boy). And Sara isn’t the only one, Kiel looks quite happy with her fangs and ears, but Chrys seems more engrossed by the logo on her chest plate than her physical changes; all looking good in their DV treatment. The Vlash/Cutie commish sketches seem to focus on different things: #1 where the characters stand in relation to each other; #2 they get closer, but you can’t tell if someone is being rescued or if they’re fighting; and #3 the romantic/emotional bond almost to the exclusion of everything around them, which is the way love is, ain’t it? ; )

  2. CutieSquiggoth says:

    Love the Undyne :) Very nice :) DV’s pic is good also :) I agree that Keil looks pretty happy also :)

    For the commission, #2 is the best for me, it’s pretty obvious from the expression on Lilli’s face that she’s desperately reaching for salvation. #1 has the best chance of epic picture though, so I’m torn, I like all 3 alas. #3 doesn’t show Nehle’s wings enough alas. #2’s pleading face on #1 would be great :) If that makes any sense at all.

  3. Obsidian Agent says:

    Speaking of Sara’hilana, she’s now become the fourth DT character to appear in one of my dreams (the other three being Kiel, Chrys, and Snadhya).

    • Kern says:

      If the dream end in explosion, it’s canon Sara.

      • Obsidian Agent says:

        Well, she had her mana cannon, but it was decided that that wasn’t the best way to complete the objective (hunting down a cone-headed robot that had arrived at one of my family reunions – no I don’t know why either Sara or a robot would be at my family reunion), and that the proper way to deal with the robot was…. earthworms. I don’t get it either. But hey, it’s a dream. It’s not supposed to make sense. Anyway, just after Sara, some of my cousins, and I gathered the earthworms, the scenery changes, and we’re suddenly in the Franklin Institute. Because of course we are. And that’s when the dream ended.

  4. Durlyn says:

    Huh…So that’s what vampire drow look like eh? Very interesting…”pulls on their ears” XD