Time for one of the more whacky commission. It’s a borderland boss title card with Zalaess having a specific line. Pending Thrair’s review. Kharla will wait a later afternoon where some energy can be found.

And some space age Anahid and Kahru by Lunareth, based upon a story Madea wrote and will read live during the 30th’s NSFW stream.


2 Responses to BorderZala

  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    MILF the Wolf? Now I’m thinking of Waes with a “MILFier than thou!” banner, Ashie with a “Sullisin MILF – accept no substitutes!” banner, Quain with a MELF (Mother Everyone Living Fears) banner, and Snadhya with a MILE (Mother I’d Like to Eliminate) banner. >:=)>

    Naturally, space age Ana immediately makes me think of Barbarella. Kahru would have to be Pygar, but there are a number of candidates for the naughty Black Queen/Great Tyrant…

    Ash’waren: Pygahru! ♥ Have him tied to my bed… again! ♥

    Kharla’ggen: My pretty-pretty! MINE!

    Snadhya’rune: I don’t really have to say anything, do I? *poses*

    Kiel’ndia: Hah! None of you can whirl a blade to save your lives – and I really rock the “black leather and eyepatch” look!

    And thinking about it, casting a Vloz’ress would allow use of their fortress as a set. Finally, who would be Durand-Durand? …Okay… form a queue here. >:=)>

    Durand-Durand: What’s this? I don’t believe it! It couldn’t be! You wretched, wretched girl! What have you done to my Excessive Machine? You’ve undone it! You’ve undone me! You… look! You… You’ve burned out the Excessive Machine! You’ve blown all its fuses!

    Barbanahid: Oh… oops!

    Durand-Durand: You’ve exhausted its power! It couldn’t keep up with you! This is incredible! What kind of girl are you? Have you no shame?

    Barbanahid: No. I don’t believe in being burdened by such things. …Anyway, do you have any more of these Excessive Machines?

    Pygahru: Barbanahid! I’ve found you!

    Barbanahid: And are any of them big enough for two? :-3

    Durand-Durand: F-f-fuuuuuuu- D-X


  2. Thrair says:

    To be fair, there was some confusion by Kern for the text. Final version is corrected to MILF “LF WOLF”. I guess Lunareth has to translate what it meant. That must have been an amusing conversation. :P