The chosen remake was chapter 11 however health issue striked, ending today’s stream right in the middle. I’ll have to finish at some later time.

On Darkvolt side he completed two remake challenges:
Old Inten outfit old
Old Inten outfit
Feary old
Feary Remake

Nothing on Kite side after all, maybe at a later time.

Challenge set by Farex. To do a character that died as if it never happened:
For tsukiko:
For Navian:
For Pitdragon:
Is shinae a squid or a kid?
Squid Shinae
Today is a special livestream where you get to choose what old artwork i will remake. Choose from any of the online galleries or the web site’s archive and submit your selection at the beginning of the stream. If it is completed fast enough, a second round of selection will be made after the mid stream challenge break. Lunareth on her side will be doing the next queen of butts page and Kite will be doing chapter 12 cover remake, once she awaken.
To watch, participate, eat left over new year cakes(hmm), then drop by our multistream!


11 Responses to New year multistream

  1. Farex says:

    Hope you feel better soon, Kern.

    I can’t believe my freaking luck, by the way. Livestream regulars will know that I always put in “character in the rain” as the mid-stream challenge. It has never won and basically turned into a running gag by now. There are only two streams ever where I put in a different suggestion – one was today, the other was artists drawing each other – and both won. WTF.

    • Basileus_Ioannis says:

      It must be karma, Farex…it wasn’t that your challenge wouldn’t be selected, but “character in the rain” wouldn’t be! :D Congrats on winning today’s challenge idea!

      I hope Kern is feeling better. His remake Kharla is coming along really nicely, that mane of hair, the flared robe, and more dramatic camera angle are super. The challenge pics all look good too. I didn’t know smokehammer could draw so well, Sarv is looking hawt! Oroshe went a step further with Sniffles, and actually corrected her issues with Quain. Valesse’s Diva is also looking mighty fetching. Luna’s pancake eater is so adorable, making it look so yummy! Kite’s Laelle looks suitably dangerous, yet cute sans outlines. DarkVolt’s Inkling Shinae is awww-inspiring, but his remake of the fairy is beautifully done. Great work guys, and thanks for livestreaming!

    • Kern says:

      It’s a curse Farex! And thanks Basileus.

  2. Pitdragon says:

    Thanks again, Darkvolt! I’ve wanted to do Shinae Inkling for a while… hmm, now next will it be Naal Octoling or Kiel as Annie with a Friend-Demon Moe?

    See ya next Saturday! >:3

  3. Mute says:

    Wow, Kharla’s hair looks amazing in the new in-progress cover!

    Also onoz, health issues :c feel better soon!

  4. Gunbird says:

    Hope you get well soon Kern.

  5. Nori says:

    *3* Well the cute has definitely grown strong within you these last few years Kern, dat Kharla is glorious >:D!((especially digging the hair and the the little dolls pose/little freaky-cute falling out eye)) Sorry to hear about your health scare though, may you recover swiftly and completely, try to take it easy on yourself if you can!

    Crazy to see Inten’s old design too, I’ve only really seen her with the characteristic blue hair and giant cute little bat ears :o The little faerie lady is super cute too, and that Clarinet’s(?) looking spiffy now B>((and so shiiiiiny, liking the use of translucency here a lot on the wings and spiral swishes))The approach to color and lining in the remakes definitely shows your progress well, loving the line weight variance going on there and everything about the poses are a lot more dynamic, great work DV!((also as an aside, Inten’s got great taste in boots apparently :B))

    ;A; All of the challenges this week are killing me too, lovely results from everyone but you people certainly know how to rip out my heart ;n; Naal looks way too cute and pure for words(of course), Sab’ror could cute diamonds on dat face in the best ways possible, so grizzled :B((and I LOVE how Luna renders scarring holy crap)), Naal’ga looks happier than I’ve ever seen her ;u;, and seems to be returning from a Kyo concert imo–her little upraised tail near the end is particularly super cute to me for some reason too, can’t place why but it is ._.;; SMOKE HOLY CRAP SON THAT SARV IS SPOT ON, DRAGON GRANDMA WOULD BE PROUD((really clean linework too, and that facial structure is gorge, great job dude :o)), Oroshe’s would be such a great alternative universe too, somewhere where Quain actually believes in this foreign thing known as “mercy” and “maternal affection” :B Can’t quite tell if Syphile is lying through her teeth about the “never again” part though, especially with her hand depicted specifically on the hilt there hmmmhr ._.;; Nice to see their stuff around again too :> and Valesse’s diva is gorge as well, her expression seems so done with everything though, I love it xD Just like “get the hell out of my chambers and bring me some damn chocolate”, that, or it’s her court painter’s new official sigil of “Diva does not approve” Such lovely eyes tooooooo, I’m always a sucker for eyes period but I really love how the contours are rendered, especially by the water lines and eyelids, they’re very hmmmhr, piercing I guess would be the word? Like they’re staring through you :o

    annnd for giveaways–Tsukiko’s little OC gets cuter everytime Luna draws her now, I swear xD The teeniest little indication of canines on those teeth and the SHEER SIZE of those flapjacks kills me, it’s perf, poor baboops gonna have a crazy sugar crash later though :B Kite’s Laelle is menacingly adorable, how that’s possible idk but it just IS :o Kind’ve reminds me of spiderman a whee tad with the eyes for some reason too, and now all I can think of is Spider Laelle, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Never would’ve guessed Shinae would make such a perfect squid kid either, great idea Pit and great work DV xD