New year, new challenges. Chapter 49 will end soon and the big 50 will begin. It’s a milestone in number but also story wise as it contain events i’ve been waiting many years to do. When it’ll end, we’ll time jump ahead in the timeline. Plus we have the fifteen years anniversary in april. So it’ll be an eventful year to tackle. Hope health and energy will last me through it.
Farex commission was completed earlier today. The Beldies doing some music together, naked, because reason.

Tomorrow is the remake livestream. If you wish to see an some old page, cover, artwork redone in today’s skill level, make sure to bring me a link to the source material tomorrow! Kite has two things she has in mind. An old game of throne fanart and a velcahal picture. As for Lunareth, don’t know yet, same with Darkvolt, we’ll see who is the third streamer tomorrow.

Fanwork of Chiri by Deorwyn !


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  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    I’d say there’s a perfectly good reason: it’s useful for a band to have a memorable gimmick. It’s like a supergroup, where every member is a star, except that in this group every member is a Stacia. Plus, it would be difficult to find clothes that would fit Naal, especially if she consumes all the cake that is thrown (along with the odd stage-diver). >:=)>