Rayata for Mau. This is another lineless practice because at some point i need to learn stuff. Learning is good. Now i’ve not proscrinated on commissions, Lordpanther’s page is at the shading phase right now. I’m hoping it’ll be completed wednesday night.

Lunareth did a chibi page for thursday. Though considering we upload the pages at the night after the day they are due, and because i don’t intend to work on the 24, i don,t think i’ll be able to do a second chibi page for friday’s night… Likely we’ll skip one update this week as we’ll be away seeing familly. I mean off to spoil little nephews and nieces.


One Response to ADVENTURE!

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Yay, Rayata! ^^ No-lineart is looking good, Kern, please keep it up!