Naal won the next daydream story and i felt like practicing something without lineart.

It was Nerdycannuck’s birthday last week end, here’s a pic Kite did of her xenoblade character as a gift.
Speaking of the game, it’s good. The game starts you crashed on a planet with humanity going exctinct. It’s not so much roaming the planet as it is colonizing it.


8 Responses to Naal and xenoblade

  1. CutieSquiggoth says:

    Lovely Naal piccie, I’d say working without lineart succeeded :)

    Kite’s picture is so very, I want to say cute, but really I think I mean huggable :)

  2. Moatl says:

    I’m happy that Naal still is popular.
    She still is one of my favorite characters of the original main-cast.

  3. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Mine too \*3*/ and no, not because half the story she’s nekkid ^^; but because she used to have such a pacifist introspection, she wanted everyone to get along and not let anyone be killed, then ironically she ends up dying first, so sad ; ( but I digress. The no-lineart is looking good Kern, especially the blood and hair, the skin looks soft and lifelike, and an interesting contrast to your lined works. Speaking of which, Kite’s pic looks fully lined, did she do that as an exercise too? The outlines give a hardness to the armor and clothing, and combined with the coloring, it looks solid and metallic. There’s a general hardness to the entire figure, which even though it’s a chibi, it looks more serious than cute, like the Ariel with spear she did for me (so fierce…yaaah! B0 ). Great job, you guys!

    • Basileus_Ioannis says:

      Ack, wish I could edit posts here…I wanted to add that Kite’s pic reminds me of Seto Kaiba from Yugioh…that cold stare of disdain, the scowl…and the upright collar might be part of it, too. “I summon…Blue Eyes White Dragon in attack mode!”

    • Kern says:

      Hm i don,t know if she did it out of practice. probably because it’s quick?
      and thanks.

  4. Laurie (NerdyCanuck) says:

    Thank you again, Kite, for the adorably grumpy Birthday gift! Achlys stares at me from my phone’s lock screen, judging me!