Farex commission progress. it’ll take another 6 hours to complete:
By Kite for gem76 , for all of his kindness this year:

Challenge set by Vlashrod “Prehistoric character”
By Kite:
By Luna:
By Navian:
By Nori

By Darkvolt:

Giveaway for Thedevils:
Luna for … i forget, she never write it down and then shes asleeps by the time i write this.
Kite for icecabbit

Bonus Darkvolt:

On today’s multistream, Lunareth will chew pizza and defeat holiday naga special. I will be doing the beldies metal group for Farex. Kite will potato about while doing the page. With the usual mid-stream challenge and end of stream giveaways. Drop by to watch, get hungry over pizza or just hang out!


12 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. Kearnaun says:

    Love how the challenge turned out. Have to say that the Cave-bat look suits Inten. Which poses the question: Does she have a Bat-cave someplace?

  2. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    The all-black-haired-girl band is looking real good (who’s dat pervy one reaching for Sara in the front? :D ), and Dark Faen conjuring a cupcake is just adorable (love the glow effect from the cake). All the Prehistoric challenge drawings came out great, with Navian’s turtle-riding Kiel facing the volcano-scape looking absolutely primordial, and Nori’s wooly-mammoth-riding Quain looking very cavewoman-y with that chiseled stone spearhead! The Christmas dragon in hat and scarf is so cute (what’s it got in its mouth?), and I love how Inten’s face changes just a bit between the two “screen shots”, from “NYAHAHA!” to “mweh heh heh” ^^ Thanks for a super livestream, y’alls!

  3. Greenwood Goat says:

    Bells chime three times,
    Naked bandsmen enter slowly,
    Cavern room, tainted doom,
    Audience waving, fat cat perching,
    Cake is thrown, dull red light,
    Illuminates the girth of poor young Naal,
    Drumming, yumming, engulfing,
    These gigs are always ending far too soon.

    Sounds of a catchy melody,
    Once played, stuck in memory,
    Funny how it’s clearer now you’re close to me,
    We’ll be together all the time…

    But… how many people out there know Caravan’s Winter Wine well enough to appreciate a parody of it? I think I’ve just failed. Ah well… >:=P>

    Cave Anahid – Cavechain? – has befriended a cute ceratopsid! Is this going to be the first in a series?

    – Cavechain befriends a cute pterosaur.
    – Cavechain calms and reassures her saurian friends after Cave-Chiri discovers fire.
    – Cavechain invents cake. Cave-Chiri repurposes her own failed first attempt and invents the wheel.
    – Cavechain befriends a cute brachiosaur.
    – Cavechain discovers chocolate. The invention of the chocolate binge follows.
    – Cavechain befriends a cute stegosaur.
    – Cavechain discovers tea, is undeterred by the absence of teacups, teapots and kettles.
    – Cavechain befriends a whole herd of cute ankylosaurs.
    – Cavechain takes all her friends on a walk to the new stone temple.
    – Cavechain tells Cave-Valla and her prehistoric priests to keep out of her friends’ way, as they have poor eyesight and-
    – Cavechain looks back at the flattened forms of those who tried to stop her friends rather than get out of the way.
    – Cavechain finds Cave-Kahru tied to the sacrificial altar-rock, prepares to rescue him.
    – Cavechain invents the chocolate cake, winning Cave-Kahru’s heart forever.
    – Cavechain hosts the first tea party – with chocolate cake – and thus establishes the first true civilisation.


  4. Moatl says:

    Faen has come to the dark site of the cupcake…. ;)

  5. Gunbird says:

    I know this off topic, but what is with this request stream?

    Did you have to make a request before hand?

    • LordPanther says:

      Nope, you make the request during the stream and a random selection from the recent requests is made.

      Think of it as a stream of 30 minute challenges.