Today we’ve discussed about world setting stuff regarding Ferals and Dwarves. New elements that aren’t in the story yet but which are likely to end up being used. A new project is also discussed as an easier alternative to the Myth project, one centered around Ferals lives. Relic hunting, lighter mood, black and white comic, etc…
Just listen to get more details.


5 Responses to Drowtales podcast: Ferals, new project and dwarves

  1. DarkVolt says:

    Ok I’m giving my thoughts.

    I’m in love with the feral idea and the concept of it, I hope it get started soon, maybe even this year. ^^

    Aboud the Duegar/Dwarf.
    I have an idea of that “Dwarf” is simply a goblin word for “undergrounder” people who are living underground, and because only dwarfes were living at that time it became there name.
    It simply happened that humans and orks didnt colonised that area before.
    Now with the arrival and evolution of the darkelves, there was another race who were just like the dwarfs, but taller and without a single trace of a beard.
    I think it could happen that the duegar referred to them as “drow” meaning “beardless undergrounder” with a racist meaning in fear they become dwarfs themselves. The drow on the other hand called the dwarfs “duegar” just for the same reason.

    And I can actually see differend colores dwarfes.
    Minerals in earth do have all the colores we know of, sapphire, ruby, emerald, to just name a view.
    Maybe some very noble dwarfs were proud of there color to stand out of all the other grey and brown.
    Kinda like the illhardro, and they build there own cities with those rare colored stones/minerals, just to be born with that special color.
    This means that those dwarfs could be some kind of “noble” or a special “clan/tribe” of dwarfes.
    But the drow destroyed there cities, looted there stones and sold them in the overworld or wearing them on there necks.
    So “now” there could be a special breed of colored duegar for slavery and entertainment usind those “expensive cages” to breed them in.

    It all sounds great, I’m curious what happens in the future. ^^

  2. Numikhizdîm says:

    Nicely done! I really didn’t though about the colorful duergars.

    It’s said that the dwarves were a peaceful race before the dark elves came underground. So, they had many strongholds down there. I think that, when the invaders become hostile, the settled duergars shoul have made a more sturdy resistance.

    I like the idea about a center of activity, just like Chel is to the drow, some city, or federation of city-states (just like the Mror Holds of Eberron), would be an interesting way they found to protect they homelands, by not becoming nomads.

    And about their primitive gunpowder? THERE ARE DUERGARS INTERESTED OUT HERE!!!

    Very nice, anyway.

  3. Caal-Shto says:

    Hmmm, I’m extremely interested in the dwarf culture, because in traditional fantasies, the Dwarfs and Elves are mortal (or Immortal) enemies. So its kind of interesting that the masses of elven armies armed with magic, golems, dragons, and even demons, still haven’t destroyed the dwarfs that most likely have a small army, and no access to magic. The one thing that the dwarves do have that could fight off the elves is gunpowder, which in the past has been proven very effective in conquering entire continents (Americas, Parts of Asia etc.).

    I think showing some light on the dwarves in the story would help with the background, like why drow wear elven crafted armor but live in dwarven fortresses. Anyway, there are some dwarf fan out there.

    Also a different project from Drowtales could be refreshing, but putting time in one project would take time away from the other projects… and readers, and artists, and subscribers. And Iv known artists who give up on projects because they have lost interest, sharess forbid it should happen to drowtales.

  4. Blackshade10 says:

    Will we be having another podcast on mana? There seems to be an awful lot that has yet to be covered.

    One example is the Light/Dark sorcery affinity and how it works and such.

    Also, It’d be cool to find out how a subhouse becomes a Val house.

  5. Pitdragon says:

    Mean faeries are actually much more to the older myths and fairytales. The cute, helpful fairies didn’t come until much later. Pixies that ate you like a swarm of piranhas would be fitting of older myths. I agree, your Faeries should be complete bastards. :D