Kite drew the Fat cat extra big. I added arms. Say hello to Buff cat
She also made a portrait of Neige inspired by Neko atsume.

Lordpanther’s next sponsored daydream page was sketched. It’ll likely take many days to complete, i hope to post it finished on the 23th. 25th is off, 19th is Farex’s commission, 26th is the special stream. So commission availability right now is for the 28th onward if all goes well.

Chi by Darkvolt for Kite. With extra fat cat. Because fat cats make everything better.


2 Responses to Fat cat buff cat

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    MRAWRRR, fat cat smash! (breaks random cardboard box) :D Neige looks so comfy on the chairback, looking out at the snowscape (probably glad the cold is out there). Chi looks adorable, and she must be extra light for extra fat cat to tolerate her sitting on him ^^

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Buff Cat: king of the sumo ring! And well able to withstand the Chi-butt, and, indeed, get into places that most butt fans would envy! Meanwhile, Neige is secure and happy as Grand Poobah of chair backs, sun-warmed spots, warm equipment tops, unproffered laps and graphics tablets in use. >:=)>