Tomorrow the stream is with kite and Vergil. The later will be about a jaal’darya character. As for the commission i will do it’s for a RH group. Though Guiltycarrion has yet to send an email for his part.
The holy mother, the leader of the holy butt path, the KeyKey, mistress of fluff…Anahid.


2 Responses to Fluffy concept

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Somebody’s been perusing the Forum, I see ; )- I love Ana’s smile, how when she has her lips pursed, they look so full and voluptuous, but when she grins (lovable panel 8 in the last page), her teeth remind me of Ariel earlier in this chapter :D Messy sleeper, heh…I can just imagine her sawin’ logs with one arm across Kahru’s forehead or something ^^

    Yay, Kite and Vergil, and a Jaal in the offing…can’t wait for the livestream!

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Yep, that’s the fluffy, floppy Anahid we’re all getting to know and love. In fact, while her fluffiness and floppiness does suggest a fluffy cat, or even a floppy rabbit, I am thinking that the creature she might resemble most of all is the sea slug. I picture her undulating her pale, frilly self through the shallows, possibly dressed and accessorised with seaweed and jellyfish, accompanied by her companions Chirimari (a golden-haired squid girl), Carcharaveena (scroll-haired shark-girl), Squid’naal (squid boy with Shan’s colours), Eva’mphiprion (clownfish girl) and Sea’nammon the sea-mare (like if you crossed a sea hare with a sea cow and somehow got a puffy, frilly dawmere-shaped swimmming mollusc, possibly with a vestigial hornlike shell in the middle of its forehead). And not accompanied nearly as much as she’d like by Kahropod, fellow sea slug and object of her sweet desire. Move over Spongebob Squarepants, it’s ladies and priestesses first! >:=)>