Picarto is still being an ass about providing a stable data stream to viewers.
Commission for Vlashrod:
Gift for Tsukiko:
Challenge set by Cutie “It’s hot outside”, none of us took it for it’s litteral meaning.

Giveaway for Obsidian:
Giveaway Kite for bluetiggy (You’re lucky Blue’ , she spent hours on that one polishing it)
Giveaway Luna for Basileus?
On today’s stream we have one nidraachal lady pinup, world of warcraft space goat from Lunareth and today’s moonless page from Kite. With mid-stream challenge at 4h40 and 3 art request giveaway at 7h40. To watch, hang out, poke at us while we pig out on Tsukiko’s candy, then drop by our multistream.
Also cat, fat cat, on our desk. Come poke it


8 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    Thanks Kern, Kite, and Luna for another enjoyable livestream! Curvaceous Nehle’anee and sleeping dragon came out really well, it really looks warm and cozy on the fuzzy rug by the fireplace, compared to the frosty rainy window outside. Sleepy Naran and Papa Taldrin look really comfy together. Funny how all three of you got a different interpretation of “it’s hot outside” :D Chrystuar looks impressive as always (despite her new substantial rump and tail), Kite unleashes her talents yet again into the adorable oarfish-dragon (dat face and striped tail, dem tiny blue toes!), and last but certainly not least, chibi Ash’waren never looked so cute, dancing with her bunneh mask, Luna made her so kawaii! ^^ Thank you very much, and great work everyone!

  2. Farex says:

    As a fan of boobs, a fan of books, and a fan of space goats, I can say that today’s stream was most excellent!

    • Vlashrod says:

      Yep the result of the stream is excellent :) Too bad the internet on picarto is jumpy but this was a good moment

  3. Obsidian Agent says:

    You know, I actually kinda feel sorry for Chrys. Not for the whole “centaur” thing, but for the puns she would have to deal with. Mao probably gave us only a taste of what Kiel would unleash.

  4. Greenwood Goat says:

    Curvaceous nude, on a white fur rug, in front of a fire… can’t really go wrong there. Unless you are a fangirl wanting to see a well-shaped guy instead. In which case, fair enough.

    I thought that the temperature in caverns was stable. However, I would guess that Anahid has control over the local temperature if she wishes.

    Anahid: My, it’s so hot outside! Do feel free to dress for comfort, loyal Kahru! *raises temperature in corridor* *raises it some more* *raises it to a truly unbearable level* *waits* *waits* *giggle* *lowers temperature to comfortable level for barely-clad drow*

    Kahru: *mutter* *blush* *grumble*

    Anahid: ♥ ^ ω ^ ♥

    Of course, one could combine the two ideas…

    Anahid: Lie there, on the rug, in front of the fire, just like that… ♥ …and hold up Valla’drielle’s assassins while I get to safety! *exits*

    Kyorl assassin 1: This must be the heresiarch’s lair! Go and find where she has fled to while I deal with her man-toy!

    Kyorl assassin 2: No, YOU go and track the false Mother, I shall deal with her man-toy!

    Kyorl assassin 1: I saw him first, heretic!

    Kyorl assassin 2: Keep your tainted claws off him, summon-snuggler!

    Chirinide: *backstab* *backstab* Die, corrupted ones! Now put some clothes on, Kahru! …Ana must have left them round here somewhere… *grumble*

    As for Chrys’taur, just imagine how good it would feel when she gives Snadhya a two-hoofed kick to the midriff… not to mention how much chocolate she could carry in her saddlebags!


  5. Tsukiko says:

    That was another great stream :)
    And I won’t have enough “thanks” to thank you, Kern! :) :) :)