Today is tax day, which left me no time to do any commission. But fat wolves? Anyone has a 15 minutes for a fat wolf in between spreadsheets!
So we saw this picture. Which is truly the best. Next breed of mighty war wolves for the sarghress, obviously. And Faen’s first wolf:


4 Responses to fat wolf

  1. Laerei says:

    The fattest of wolves. So gracious and majestic!

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Is that a puppy? There isn’t much in the pic to give scale. But yes, it is truly worth15 minutes of anyone’s time. Could it become best friends with Cinnamon? Could we see Faen and Anahid riding side-by-side, Anahid playing with Octobear, Octobear’s hair playing with Cinnamon’s mane, Cinnamon and Puffball Pup taking turns to nibble at fur and mane in fun? Would Octobear play “roll the Puffball” with the other kids in between cookie raiding missions? And how much would a dog like that shed…?

    Black Sun chief: You couldn’t catch a single Sullisin on a fat wolf?!

    Black Sun captain: She commanded it to “shake” and it blocked the entire alley with shed hairs. We tried to wade through it, but there was… a fluff golem! It smothered two of the squad before they were able to retreat! I recommend we suspend all attempts until the shedding season is over! :-(


  3. suntiger745 says:

    Ah, alaskan malamute puppy! I thought it was a samoyed first, but apparently they are all white. Just as fluffy though. :P