Many picarto server crash today. The survivors still feel the wound of the crashes.
The daydream page got up to the flat color phase, which is about what i expected. It’ll be completed after Tsukiko’s commission.

The naughty vestals of the goddess from Vergil.

Madea told many tales today and of them the most memorable line was this very romantic comment:
Drawn by Kite.

Today’s challenge was set by tsukiko. Surprising people in love.
Vergil who brought the crack ship to a whole new level:
Crack ships are best ships
Lunareth who kept working on it because prechious babies:
anahkahruNew Canvas
But that perky butt and smile were worth the time.
Darkvolt brought to life the result of Vergil’s ship

Black coeurl kitty 2
patelNew Canvas

Bonus Feros from Kite:

On today’s adult stream we have daydream pages from both me and Lunareth. With Vergil’s naughty kyorls and their holy lances. As this is a NSFW stream, the mid-stream art challenge and giveaways will be appropriately themed. To watch, challenge, win naughty pictures or just hang out, drop by our multistream!

Right now there are troubles at picarto that may interupt the stream. We’ll give it a try regardless.


2 Responses to NSFW stream

  1. Tsukiko says:

    Thank you all for the stream… You’re all very pink, I love you all :p

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Can’t see the Daydream wallpaper, of course, but I can see enough in the thumbnail. It looks like those devotees are choosing to acknowledge and direct their sensual desires rather than suppress them. Namely, in this case, they are practicing the tantra of chocolate, also known as Chocolini Yoga or the Cocoa Sutra. “OM…… OM…… NOM……♥ NOM……♥”

    I approve of this turtle ship! Even giant turtle summons deserve love. However, my conception of the result of this coupling would involve the bursting of Snadhya’s balloon, which would then (in the very best tradition of Looney Tunes) jet-propel itself across the landscape, and probably result (in the very best tradition of Looney Tunes) in Snadhya becoming embedded in a rock face, or in an imprint of herself in the ground.

    Finally, Kahru looks like he is failing to find peace in Sharess after finding Anahid in the bath house, and Ana is finding it funny. Will she let him regain his composure or will she request that he come in there and wash her back?