Does this propaganda poster convinces you to join Keychain/Anahid’s faction?

Also Lordpanther’s sponsored daydream page is finally complete!
Which mean Reefireparot’s faery is next. Hope to complete it thursday evening. Tsukiko’s sketch friday. And Vlashrod new commission will be done next week once Tsukiko’s concept is complete.


6 Responses to Join the fat pony.

  1. Vlashrod says:

    Maybe coloring the fat pony in fluffy pink will convince all the kyorls

  2. Ethanial F'dian says:

    The small print: “(Unfortunately there’s no cake due to the food shortages, and the fat daw was assassinated, . … so we ate it :’-( sorry… )”

  3. Greenwood Goat says:

    How about: Come meet Holy Mother Keychat for purrs and fluffiness!

    Chirinide: Still not a good idea. Don’t draw me as Chirikitty, and certainly don’t draw me sitting that close to Holy Mothercat Anahid. And what are you…? Oh, no…

    Evecat: Prrew? :-3

    Chirikitty: *sigh* As Purress wills… *kitty streeetch*


    Hidden blood-assassin: Must… fight… cuteness… must… kill! Give… them… a… stroke… stroooke… *sigh* I-I mean, induce a stroke… or aneurysm… and whoever is claw-kneading my back, you aren’t helping…

    Raveekatt: Good! *kneadkneadkneadbitekneadknead* I shall knead you back to the true path of Purress! However long that takes!


  4. Greenwood Goat says:

    Oh, and I nearly forgot: Ave benefactor and kitty hugs to Lordpanther for sponsoring this latest instalment of Liriel-instigated naughtiness! >:=3> Chirinide would not approve!

  5. junglefowl26 says:

    I don’t think it would work either – they are short one fat daw now.

  6. smokehammer says:

    Well its a 100% improvement over the “Come kiss Quain’s big red ass” Sarg posters and those work so maybe Eve’s on to something?

    And on account of Kite being an Oregonian n’ all… Happy Thanks Giving!