Behold the lastest fluffness from Luna. Anahid could drill the earth with her hair and Chirinide could withstand great falls and bounce back with so much fluffness!
And today i’ve made another progress on the daydream page commission. I’ll complete shading, highlight and text on wednesday evening. Reefireparot character is for thursday. Tsukiko’s concept sketch on friday.


One Response to Fluffness

  1. Nori says:

    THEY’RE SO FLUFFEH *3* !!!! as a random aside, never realized Anah and Chiri had such complimentary color schemes before, gotta love that high contrast :o

    and Liriel kind of looks like she’s gonna stab someone :o…in the best ways possible, of course xD :B she looks hella hella cute there personally lmao, but I admittedly have a thing for people who look like they could kill you with a glance >.>