In this podcast we discuss what we plan for 2009. Participating in this podcast are me, nekomartin, Madea, Kite and Thalar. Unfortunately not much came up during the conversation but there is some interesting bits.


7 Responses to Drowtales podcast : 2009 plan

  1. DarkVolt says:

    Meep I missed it!
    Sounds like you had alot of fun. ^^

  2. Hellsion says:

    I have a totally unrelated question:

    dose kite still have that cintiq? my memory fails, hard. :?

  3. Kite says:

    The cintiq is what I gave Kern for christmas last year :)

  4. Hamilkar says:

    Thanks for the podcast.
    I am for the remake of chapter 1!
    But how do you plan to do that? If you do 5 regular updates a week plus one page of remake of chapter one, the regular manga will not be interrupted, but this would take around one year for 50 pages of chapter 1. Or would you do the remake all at once, or let some other artists do the job and continue with the Drowtales chapters normally?

  5. kern says:

    Chapter 1 would be produced at the same time as regular updates. And would not be posted online until it is complete.

  6. Numikhizdîm says:

    Nicely done! Do Kite actually thrown the demon at Madea?
    You ought have recorded it on a video!

  7. Blackshade10 says:

    I demand Kite stop being so cute! It keeps making my head explode.

    On a side-note, that demon is adorable.