Mario kart commission for gem76. Blur effects applied after the stream.

Challenge set by Ratatoskr. Young cast eating the One cookie:
I think i missed someone participation, if so i’m sorry.
Chrys and shinae was somehow an unplanned thing o_o

For sarai:
For Eltharion i think:
For Thrair:
On today’s stream we have a mario kart crossover, monday’s page from Kite and many creature of the bat persuation from Darkvolt. With mid-stream challenge and end of stream giveaways. To watch, poke darkvolt’s internet or just hangout on this sleepy saturday, then drop by our multistream!


8 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. Basileus_Ioannis says:

    I love that Mario kart pic, the blur effects look really good, and I’ve been wanting to see Kiel driving a turtle shaped car for ages! ^^ And all those great One Cookie nommage, I think Navian’s takes the size trophy (it looks like a giant futon), and all the Shishis are so cute! *3* DarkVolt’s naginata feral looks real sharp, I like the faces he draws. Kite’s pics are always adorable, but Diva doodling on the Alliance contract is just classic, the “bleah” tongue sticking out (and I see she swapped the word balloon and the doodle, looks better this way). Outstanding work, everyone! :D

  2. valesse says:

    Ehm.. the Chiri-nom was my submission ^^;;

    I spent so much time trying to fit Shan in there propping up the cookie for his warden. u_u He’s such a well trained blade, after all. My hand wasn’t having any of it, though. Not timed, at least.

    • Nori says:

      Aaah that makes so much more sense–I was so confused for a moment, that Chiri nom challenge is super hella adorable(great job Valesse :>!) but definitely not mine Kern :o

      Super cute artwork all around for the challenge, giveaways, stream results, ALLLLLLL OF IT, definitely a productive stream it seems B>(( and it’s always awesome to have so much Chrys& Shinae(and Octobear B>) in one stream too ohonhonhon >:B Love the Chiri too, but IT’S BEEN SO LONG SINCE CHRYS HAS POPPED UP IT FEELS LIKE ;A;)) *cough* Great stream as always guys, nice to see Darkvolt streaming again too

    • Kern says:

      I’m sorry Valesse @_@ i knew i forgot something but couldn’t figure it out.

  3. Greenwood Goat says:

    Thinking about it, if there was any sort of linkup between Kiel’ndia and the Mario multiverse, she would be a huge Koopa fan, with signed photos of all of them, “Besties with Bowser” tee shirts and a complete collection of merchandise. Plus, Bowser would be too busy dealing with her fangirling to do much princess-napping…

    Bowser: Sorry, Mario… your princess really is in another castle… place… whatever. I have my hands full with Kiel, there… and she’s so much more fun than Peach ever was. Plus Kiel sees her as a… rival for my affections and keeps trying to pick fights with her…

    Kiel’ndia: Hey, Bowser! I’ve got the chocolate’n’marshmallow bath ready! Are ya coming?!

    Bowser: Gotta go… you can search the place if you want, but I promise you she’s not here!

    Kharla’ggen: Such a pretty pink dress! ♥ Such pretty golden hair! ♥ Such good manners! ♥ We don’t need to turn you into a dolly… do we? ♥

    Princess Peach: O-of course not! May I have some more tea? *shiver*

    Faen’arae: She looks like a ssu. Is she called “Peach” ’cause she’s expensive and perishable like the fruit, or does it refer to the contours of her b-

    Quain’tana: Give the picture back, Faen. Kel’noz?

    Kel’noz: The assay on the coins is good – they’re pure gold. The mushrooms appear to be edible-

    Faen’arae: *nom* Oh… :-D I’m as tall as you again, Ariel! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    Kel’noz: -as do the flowers-

    Faen’arae: *nom* Hey… I can cast fireballs!

    Ariel: And you’ve gone all pale… *chuckle* it’s turned you into Chiri! Now, these outfits are far too small… but the cape still lets me fly like a mimian. The tanooki suit might fit a child…

    Octotanooki: *swoops past* *giggle*

    Quain’tana: *sigh* Anyway, we have an alliance, Val Mario. And I do like your basic strategy of knocking down every fortress in Chel until we find your princess… :-)


  4. Metzger says:

    Octobear is adorable!

  5. Durlyn says:

    1) I would TOTALLY play a Drowtales racing game, especially with Ariel riding a Dire Wolfcycle! >8D

    2) Cookiethulu is an AWESOME new nickname for Octobear XD

  6. Ash'arion says:

    My tactic for Mario Kart: stay in second place until the end, then pwn the guy in 1st if it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen in time.